Thankful Thursday

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you are getting a long with your day. I woke up super early just as Scott was heading out the door and haven't fallen back to sleep. It looks like I am up for the rest of the day rather I want to be or not! Hopefully I can get a lot done today. Right now I am back with my Thankful Thursday post going over a few things I am thankful for this week. I think this is such a great way of staying grateful. You could totally keep a gratitude journal on your own but this post is serving as my own little journal entry for today! Hope you enjoy! 

I am thankful I woke up to the rain. It was super peaceful and a great way to start the day. I know many of you don't want to be out in the rain in the am heading to work, but if you stay home.....its easier to enjoy. . 

I am thankful this beautiful Elephant who actually had tears streaming from his face as he was set free for the first time in 50 years. I don't know why anyone would ever do this to an animal let alone a huge majestic elephant. I am truly thankful that he is starting a new life where hopefully he will be a lot happier.

I am thankful for my husband. Not every day is easy and when I want to give up, he doesn't. The same goes with him. When he is ready to give up, I am ready to fight to stay together. I really think both of us not wanting out at the same time, is a huge reason we have made it together this long! I am thankful that he tries and doesn't give up on me or us. We are going to watch fireproof your marriage together and see where that takes us and I will probably share a little about it in a later post or video  about how well it has or hasn't worked for our marriage. One thing I know for sure is we have each other and really that's all we need. Its just the outside world that seems to take over sometimes. :(

I am thankful for all the girly conversations I have had this week. I have some amazing amazing women friends and family. We might not see each other daily but we are all there for each other. My support system is simply the best. You guys know who you are and I love you so much.

I am thankful my little Brittany Belle made it to her cheer camp safe and sound. I am also thankful she is actually having a great time and not hating it. She's really not athletic but she has loved cheer for a looong time. I worry about her all the time but I am very very thankful she growing to her own self and I have the privilege of watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. 

I am super thankful that my new Erin Condren Life Planner came in. I love it. And I use it daily sometimes by the hour. It fun and functional and I love it so much that I am hosting a giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, click right here and you can check it all out. Also if you HAVE ENTERED, you can totally leave a comment for another entry. So many people have entered that I am working on giving away more prizes! Stay tuned!

I am thankful I am not a Republican. Yep you read that right. I would sooner slit my own throat before crossing over to the dark side. Conservative outdated views of their party will probably be the end of them in good time. I hate being political but it lives deep inside of me and I am married to a republican so I have my hands full! Needless to say, we have a very political house and very political debates. I am happy, proud, and thankful to be a liberal and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I am thankful for a little boy that melts my heart all the time. Jackson is at his dads right now and still has a few weeks to go but he is very much missed. I am thankful for cell phones and internet so I can keep up with him when hes not home. Scott and I miss him a lot and can't wait till he comes back home!

I am thankful that Brittany Spears true voice came out in this track that was not edited. You know what.. I love her.. always have but now I feel confident that my singing in the shower is not so bad and maybe I can be a huge superstar too! Maybe not... she can at least dance where I looked like a crazy spaghetti noodle! I am just thankful I don't sound so bad now! :)

You won't hear me say this often but I am thankful for a conversation I had my my ex husband. For years someone has stalked, harassed, and lied about me online. I was talking to him about what they said re him. That when we divorced he was forced on Government Assistance. I never knew that so I asked him. He about laughed me off the phone because he has never been on any kind of public assistance in his life. He was quick to remind me that real adults, real people, true family and friends would never take so much time to bother me or him for that matter. He was really kind in reminding me that I am better than they will ever know. Our kids love me and that's all that matters. Who would have guessed that would have ever came out of his mouth about me. It was really nice and totally made me feel better. He really must have been having a good day! :) The truth is....we don't hate each other anymore. We just want both kids happy and pretty much stay out of each others personal lives. He gets along with Scott and our ways of parenting may not be the best but that is not because we are not trying. We are just learning as we everyone else. 

I am thankful I got my lazy butt up late last night and cleaned the kitchen. I made lobster rolls and just didn't feel like doing it. However, I took a long bath and came downstairs and cleaned it up. Makes today easier!

I am thankful for you guys! I just hit 4000 mark a few days ago and still growing on my main youtube channel. The same goes with our vlog just keeps growing and now I am at my 700 friends on my facebook fan page! THANK YOU! You guys are awesome friends and I appreciate each and everyone of you who take time to spend it with us. I love you guys and you have made blogging and making videos so worth it. ♥

I am thankful that I have the best kitty cat on the planet. He is so cuddly and so loving. Everyone comes in contact with him falls into his spell. He totally owns me. I love him more than any other animal in the house. Is it possible to clone your kitty cats!? 

I am thankful for summer. We bitched all winter long for warmer weather and it totally arrived! We have been enjoying cook outs, walks, time on the back deck, yard work, sunsets all  because of glorious summer. Its perfect and I am so very thankful for warm sunny days. 

I am thankful most of all for God listening to my prayers. I am sure he gets back logged with all my prayers but I am thankful because I KNOW he listens. I know that my prayers go higher than the roof. For that alone, I am thankful. 

I hope you guys have a beautiful and blessed Thursday. I have some little jobs to do around the house today plus I will be answering some emails and blog/youtube comments. Stay tuned because a little bit later, I will be back with a delicious summer lobster roll recipe! 

Happy Thursday! 

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