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Sunday, July 20, 2014
Afternoon friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon! Guess what!? Its raining here AGAIN and I am doing my best to find some kind of motivation to get up and head out to the store today. You know, last night I was so tired and grumpy that I just didn't want to be around anyone...including my husband. All kinds of things led up to my grumpy night such as, Scott changing our evening plans without even talking to me about it, lack of sleep, and just not in a mood to be social. I had no inner peace at all....none. Even my best friend was pointing out how grumpy I sounded on the phone. I just couldn't pull myself out of it. As I have said many many times that our earthly experience is just a big class room full of lessons. Each of us has our path, our own lessons that we are suppose to learn. After I was finally able to lay down in my bed and really think about what was going on with me. I don't trust happiness. Its a hard thing to admit but I just simply don't. I am always waiting on the other shoe to drop, for another problem to come in and take away the happiness. And after realizing that last night.. it was a light-bulb moment for me that its simply just another lesson. To let go and be happy. I'm not sure I will ever fully figure that out but its a lesson that I know I need to learn. Maybe happiness is the wrong word. Maybe I need to how to focus on my inner peace and then happiness will come on its own. I recently heard someone say 

" If you are unhappy its because you are looking at things incorrectly" 

What?  They went on to explain to me that people look for happiness in their next purchase, their next paycheck or job... and a lot of times in other people. She went on to tell me that God's love is the only true way to get to happiness. I agreed on many levels but what about when life or a person gives you a unhappy circumstance? A death, dealing with a mean person, divorce...or something else that just makes you really unhappy. She explained to me that circumstances come and go.. there is nothing you can do about them accept have faith that it will be ok. She also told me that → I should pray for whomever is making me so unhappy. Pray for their happiness for a month. If I pray for someone who has been harming me or upsetting me for 30 days one of 2 things will happen.... Either they will behave differently or I won't care. I am still working on that. I don't really care about possessions much. I don't care about any of that but I seem to get hung up on everyday events that seem to steal my happiness. I still am trying to figure out how to step out and let life's problems pass by without getting caught up in them. But I am constantly trying to figure out my true way to let that stuff go and just be happy in the present moment. I think its a lesson maybe more of us should try to learn. I hope maybe when you experience someone or something that you are truly upset with, pray about it everyday for 30 days and see if it does what she said it would do.  Be sure to come back and let me know if it works for you! Maybe she's right. Maybe it help! 

Have a beautiful Sunday! 

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