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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful start to your day. Its sunny and beautiful here....the perfect Sunday! I am not sure what we are doing today. Scott wants to maybe going floating down Green River we might just end up doing that.  Who knows! So this last week had its sweet & sour moments. I think what I am trying to learn is to let go of things I can't control.  Life throws us all kinds challenges and its up to each of us, to try to figure out what the lessons are and grow from it. We are not meant to stay the same. We are meant to grow and learn in every situation.  Who I am today is not who I was 10 years ago. I have tried learning from all my mistakes, love harder, forgive more and try to be at peace in my life. Its not so easy though. I am still learning coping skills to handle problems but little by little, life is it should be. I think one of the greatest spiritual and mental freedoms is truly not caring about how others see, think or even say about you. I am so not there yet but every day I am trying to move into that direction. Living more in the moment is teaching me to just embrace the now and try to not worry too much about the future. This day, this hour, even this minute will never come back around.  For years, I have been anxious about the future. I don't like surprises and each day I have to remind myself not to worry about the future.

 Life will happen the way it's suppose to no matter how much I plan ahead. I challenge you to live more in the moment and to just do your best at trying to figure out the lessons of life. When problems arise, if you shut out the noise in your head and let the problem just pass right will.   It doesn't matter your age, I know everyone can always improve in this area. Even the hard times are just big lessons. God will always bring us through it to something better. If you know that ahead of time, it should help you cope with every problem. Our minds are so conditioned to get worried and upset but when we shut out the noise in our heads, we can come to a place of understanding the problem better and coming to a clear answer to any problem. And some problems don't be fixed are worried about...they just need to pass through. 

I am 38 years old at this point and I really think it takes time to bring out the happiness in life. I think life gets better with age least for me it has. At some point I woke up and realized that we only have a limited amount of time here. I think I actually woke up when we lost a lot of family members in 2 years. At first, it was total darkness and depression. But loosing some of the most people in our lives woke Scott and I both up. We actually grew from it in a weird kind of way. Death teaches you a lot. Maybe we just felt like adults after we became some of the oldest members of the family. Idk but with time, we keep growing and learning. Things inside of us just started to change.  I feel more confident than ever in my own skin. Right now I feel like I really know what's important but I also think maybe in 10 years, I might even think differently than I do now. I am sure I will grow even more as time goes on. We all will. I hope this up coming week you focus more the present than anything else. You have to accept that problems will come but its how you face them is what matters. Trust in God and all will be ok. 

I love this: 

I hope you have a beautiful awaking day and I'll be back around later today with our weekly food haul!

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