Sunday Inspiration

Sunday, July 6, 2014
 Happy Sunday Friends! I hope you are having a great day. Aren't Sunday's nice? Its a favorite day of mine because I get to relax and spend it with family and friends. On this particular weekend we have the big kids here with the grand babies and its been super nice. Scott's daughter is one of the sweetest people I know. I adore her and I am proud of who she is. I didn't expect to marry a man with kids. It was actually a rule of mine. No kids. I had a relationship before where we tried blending the families and it just didn't work out well at all. So I was dead against it until this tall beautiful man swept me off my feet. It didn't matter about kids after I fell in love with him. And he kept quiet about it at first. And now looking back I would so be missing out on a beautiful friendship with his daughter if I would have stuck to that rule. I seriously think we are living in the same life just in different time periods. Its the strangest thing ever. We are very very similar in so many ways. We stayed up for hours last night just chatting away. She is someone who is easy to talk to and also easy to listen to. She actually is expecting her 3rd baby ( which we think is a boy...finally! ) and growing up a little more each day. After their drive across the state, we didn't do much except hang out and enjoy each others company. Scott got busy mowing the yard with Ashlynn while we watched little Harper run around. And let me just say that the littlest one is the toughest!

My family is not what I dreamed up when I was younger. I didn't expect to have a blended family but its so much better than I ever thought it would be. I am so blessed to have the chance to get to know Laura and her family. Plus all of our extended family. Its really better than I ever thought it would be. Watching the little ones bounce around the house, figuring out their personalities.....its precious! I really am blessed with the family I married into. A lot of people in my intimidate family have passed away and Scott's family and kids have embraced me and given me a new family that I love very very much. I guess they are not so new 10 years in but they are an amazing group of people who I love spending time with.

Our family is far from perfect. We make tons of mistakes but we all are trying to learn how to do things better and we are all constantly growing. We are following the path God has laid out for each of us. I love watching our family grow. Laura is expecting her first son in December. Our niece is expecting her son in a matter of weeks and life is moving along for all of us. It been kinda strange watching little Brittany & Jackson grow up and who are not the littlest ones any longer. All the kids are teaching us so much about ourselves that basically our entire life is a classroom. We are learning as we go and just hoping that everyone comes out alive! :) I am also learning that what God knows about me/about our family is infinitely more important than what others think. We are blessed and we know it. 

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday. I will be back soon with a unexpected haul! 

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