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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
 Good Morning Friends! I woke up a lot earlier than what I wanted or for that matter a lot earlier than I needed to which S-U-C-K-S. I hate waking up early when I don't have to but I jumped out of my bed at 8:45 this morning really so I could talk to little Brittany before she headed out for Cheer Camp. I miss her so much but we still have a very close relationship. We talk a dozen times a day and I was happy to find out that they made it safe and sound to the camp. I always worry when any of the kids are on the road. I was worried the entire time the big kids were heading back home but they made it which put me at ease a little more. Today I have a list of things I want to try to get done including a trip to the grocery store. I think I am going to wait until 1-130 before I head out to do our weekly grocery shopping. I also still have to work on finishing the list so I don't forget anything. I also have a few things around the house that I want to finish so I am going to try to get through that list as the day moves on. I am not in any hurry to do anything. Its another beautiful day outside and I have been outside more than inside so far today. Its been so nice sitting on the back deck just enjoying the breeze and song birds in the trees with my coffee and computer! I thought I would take a few minutes and give my thoughts on a few hot topics right now..hope you enjoy! 
Public Hot Topics

* I Got It...The little boy in this story sure touched my heart today. Its amazing how graceful and sweet he is even though he is going through a very difficult time. I think his little soul shines through when he is reminding his mom that he's got it.  Its heartwarming and inspiring. 

* The California boarder is going through a lot of hell right now. Kids are coming here without parents and bringing the swine flu. I don't think we take good enough of our own people and I don't really think the problem is going away. I think it would be too hard on us to secure the boarders all the way around the US but something needs to be done. I feel sorry for the kids here alone.. I know their parents just want them safe and to have a good opportunity for a big life which is why they send them here but its costing us a ton of money and resources. Its costs a fortune just to send them back to their respective counties. Its nuts. As long as we have hungry homeless Americans, I think our focus should be on them not illegal immigrants. 

* Donald Sterling.. Wow. He his heading to court today. I don't think what he said was right at all BUT I also don't think any of us should be taped in our private homes and exploited. I think he is going to show that he is a tough and lucid as he always has been. Just wait. I hope he tears their heads off. I think he knows exactly what he is doing and I think he is as tough as nails. It should be interesting. 

* New York just legalized medical marijuana. Times are changing are they not!? If they did just legalize it across the board and tax it....a lot of our country's financial problems would go away.

* Shit like this is all about free speech. This woman basically stands for everything I DON"T yet she has the right to say and do what she pleases. Free speech has to extend to our opponents and enemies. Its the very much the same about me. There are people who are out there spreading their trash and lies and its their right. I have the same free speech as they do so its all good. It doesn't mean what they are saying are right or true. Nope. It just means they have the right to run their mouths too. 

* Lance Armstrong wants forgiveness. I have always loved Lance Armstrong. Always. I am someone who thinks no matter what was put into his body, he did those incredibility hard races. His body did it. Did the blood transfusions help? Maybe. But he still trained like a madman and I personally think was trying to keep up with a standard that was already in place. I forgive him and hope he rises from the ashes. 

* This woman pushed her daughter out of the subway and then stayed on it and just left the child. You know...if you don't want your kid anymore there is adoption. I don't get it. I really don't. We will probably find out that she wanted to go out and didn't have a baby sitter. Its crazy. 

* President Obama was called the N word in a public New York Newspaper. I understand you were trying to make a point about racism but it was so in poor taste. Its gross and I think it was disgusting even if it was supportive of the President. This President has put up with so much other Presidents have not had to endure. I bet he is so ready to get out of the White House. Again...there's freedom of speech working its magic. 

*  Speaking of the President...John Boehner is wanting to sue him. What a joke. Congress can't get off their asses and even decide what time lunch is and they are going to sue our President for trying to actually do his job?? I think its a pathetic attempt to get even using our money to do it. I would totally bypass them too. Their crazy ultra conservative views are out dated and void. I wish we could shoot them to the moon and leave them there.

*  Thumbs up to Judge Richard Kopf. He has been very vocal in the past but this rant about the Supreme Court was as honest as it could be. Good for him for using his freedom of speech to say what many of us have been thinking for years. 

* Justin Ross Harris left his son in the hot car while he was sexting 6 different women at work. His wife is being looked in depth too. I personally think he did it on purpose and the wife was in on it. She was recorded asking him " did you say too much? " Yea. She didn't seem to care that her son just died....I think there is a lot we are going to learn. 

* Did you guys see where the Ninja Roller Coaster derailed at Six Flags? See why I don't ride them? I would be forever traumatized if that happened to me. 

* This little cute dog  shows her artistic abilities which is freaking amazing! I love it! She does a lot more too.. its adorable! 

Personal Hot Topics! :)

* I gave little Brittany her phone back. She has been grounded without wifi and still won't get it back for a few weeks so she ran her data on the phone up sky high.  But...today she left for Cheer Camp and I wanted to be able to get a hold of her. So the phone is back on and lets hope she doesn't use the data up super fast.

* Scott and I kinda had a complicated night last night. He did bring me home some pretty flowers though! Relationships are hard but a fresh day made me feel better and I hope tonight will be easier. 

*  We have been unsure about getting another dog or not. I think the decision has been made and we are going for a blonde Afghan Hound. Now we are just searching for breeders and puppies! Isn't that a pretty dog? I think Cooper will love having a friend!  

* Jackson's ipad has been shipped to me with the paperwork on it from his father. I get the fun job of trying to figure out if they will fix it or not. I can't believe our kids broke an ipad and iphone already this summer. Its very frustrating to buy them nice expensive things only for them to get mad and break each others things. 

* I still think I live next to Russian Spies. No joke. I don't trust them at all and one of the main reasons I want to move. 

* Tomorrow I have to be up super early for 2 appointments. Even though I got up early today, doesn't mean I will feel like dragging my butt out of the bed tomorrow morning. I am already dreading it. 

* My ribs are still very uncomfortable from breaking them in the car accident. I still can't really sleep on my left side. I wonder how long it will be like this? Scott and I was trying to watch a movie in bed last night and I had to move from my normal side to the other because of how uncomfortable it was. 

* Right now my husband is texting me his grocery list and let me tell you...he really has a list today. 

A good frozen Pizza
A variety of cheeses and meats
 Fresh Melons
Starbucks Vanilla Coffee Drinks
Ice Cream

Since when did my husband start eating grapefruit? Ok.... I love it but him wanting it is a shock. I really need to eat a quick bite before going or I will buy a ton of things. 

* I was on the phone with 2 great friends yesterday. I seriously don't think my kids realize the ban of moms and dads that are helping raise them. It might just be a suggestion or stone hard advice but they are a constant support system for navigating life. I kinda do the same with their kids. It really does take a village to raise a child. 

* I posted my new Erin Condren Open Box Video with a giveaway!! You guys are blowing it out just in the first days! That tells me that you guys love planners as much as I do! I will have to do more planner giveaways in the future because you guys love them so much! If you haven't seen it or gotten entered, click here so you can have a chance to win one too! 

I got to get moving.. I will be back later this afternoon with our weekly food haul..stay tuned! I hope you all are having a beautiful and blessed day! 

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