Home Management: Zone Cleaning: Zone 3 - Family Room, Back Deck, & 1st Floor Bedroom

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful evening! I am back with my 3 installment in my zone cleaning series. I like to break my house down in zones. The first floor of my home is broke up into 3 zones. 
  • Zone 1 - Front Porch, Entrance, & Dining Room
  • Zone 2 - The Kitchen
  • Zone 3 - The Family Room, Back Deck & 1st Floor Bathroom. 
This time we are going over our family room area and deck...along with the bathroom on this floor.

The rest of the zones on the 2nd floor include:

  • Zone 4 - Staircase, 2nd Floor Hallway, Laundry Room, & Boys Bath
  • Zone 5 - Master Bedrooms
  • Zone 6 - Jacksons Room & Spare Bedroom
We will be getting through these in the next little while so stay tuned for the rest of the zones cleaning videos! In case you want to check out my other cleaning videos, here they are! Hope you enjoy. 

Thanks for watching! If you have any cleaning tips that you want share, leave them below. Also I would love to know if you clean in zones like the flylady system. 

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