Happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. I'm sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days. Sometimes things come up that just make me need to shut the computer and not blog. When things are difficult or hard, its best I stay as far away from here as I can so I don't say something I shouldn't. Sometimes its better to be quiet than to put the entire shoe store in your mouth; not just your foot. Things are a little better today so I thought I would pop back in with my random weekend thoughts. Hope you enjoy. 

* The weather has finally dried up. We had rain for over 10 days straight. I love the rain but after 10 days it was a little much. 

* As I said, its been a difficult few nights. Last night Scott and I were eating dinner at our local Applebees and I just start crying like a big baby at the table. Scott felt really bad and came over to my side and hugged and talked to me. I am just thankful for waterproof mascara. 

* I gave all the cats baths on Thursday and Friday. Those little assholes hold grudges...let me tell ya. They want nothing to do with me except of course food. They look great but they are acting like spoiled kids. :)

* I got a call from a lady today that Scott met some where who cleans houses. Ha! Maybe we will find a housekeeper after all! I don't want to get too excited because last night during the walk through, things didn't go so well. I think we are going to meet next week sometime. 

* I know I sound like a broken record but I am sure of you guys know yet another airplane crashed. This time they " think " it was weather. I swear...I don't even want to get on a plane anymore. Be careful if you are planning a trip.

* I have a ton of emails and comments to reply to. Gosh.. take a couple days off and things really pile up. 

* We will be picking up little Jackson next Sunday. I am really ready for him to come home. School is starting soon and we have a lot to do to get him ready. 

* There is so much I need to do around here today and tomorrow. I need to find some energy! 

* Scott and I found a new show on USA called Rush. It's about a Dr. who helps people in his own ways and its been pretty good so far. Check it out...you might just like it too. 

* I need to work on menu planning and getting a grocery list together today. I don't think we need much but I still got to figure it all out. 

* I seriously think today is a Big Mac day...I see a trip to Mickey D's in my very near future. 

* I am still working on updating my filing system. It has turned out to be a bigger job than I expected! 

* The giveaway for the Erin Condren Life Planners is still going on! Hop over here and get entered for your chance to win! Its going on till the 31st and I will announce the winners on the 1st! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back in a bit. 

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