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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. Its been raining here all day long! Anyway, I am back with a video showing you how I updated my organization in the master bath with mainly items I found at my local Dollar Tree & a few items I found at Walmart. I wanted update it because the old system still was not working as well as I had hoped. So if you want to see how I start and work through any organization project and see what cheap items I used to help, enjoy the video below! Also below you will find more pictures and information.

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I like to keep my bathroom counter as clutter free as possible. If I am not careful it will pile up with beauty and hair products....along with a lot of other stuff. So I do my best to keep it as clutter as possible. I have a few items on top such as the little basket I found at the dollar tree that holds my jewelry until I get a chance to put it in my jewelry organizer. I try to empty out once a week. Its handy to just have a quick and easy spot to put it at the end of a long day. Also for my rings, I have a cute little cat that holds them at night when I take a bath.  I  have 4 little back mesh cups also found at my local Dollar Tree that hold my toothbrush and such along with a lot of makeup brushes. These mesh cups are a great Dollar Store find that can be used for so many things from office to bathroom. I have some q-tips and candles but that's all. Its also easier to clean with less stuff in this area.

I should start off saying, I don't have to share this bathroom with anyone. The boys have their own bathroom and even with the kids here in the summer, most of the time they don't use this bathroom. Maybe for a quick shower if the other is being used but normally its just mine or they might need the family first aid kit but that's about it. I feel no need to break out the label machine and label things up. However, if I did have to share my bathroom with my family or even my husband I probably would label a lot of the things in the cabinets so they would know what is what. Other wise they will tear through any system in place looking for what they want. I also don't keep anything in the bathroom for laundry. We take our dirty laundry right out to the laundry sorter outside of the laundry room door every time. It helps with sorting of course and it also saves room and time with not having to have a basket in each room that have to be emptied often. Yea.. no thanks! I like the sorter in a general area that everyone can use when needed. 

There is no drawer storage in the vanity at all. It has 2 large cabinets below but no shelves or drawers. I have a lot of beauty items. I have lots of subscription boxes that give me new things to try and I need to use the space wisely. And it has to work because its a lot of stuff and can get out of control in a hurry. 

So under the left side of the I store my most used stuff. On the right side of the cabinet I have a dual Rubbermaid drawer set that holds a lot of my daily makeup. Its not too big and holds everything nicely. Its hidden and totally out of the way. On the top of that storage system I have more brushes, makeup removers and some additional makeup. I like to use as much up of the space up as possible. 

Then in the back I have a 3 part purple stack-able bin. Each piece was $1 and it holds personal items that a girl needs. Everything is easy to find and easy to get to. Then in the middle/front I have 3 little purple baskets that I really love. In the back I have a few items I really need to use up plus my hairspray and a few other hair items. In the basket in front I have in the front/middle holds more of my daily items along with some perfumes. In between that basket and the one on the left front I have some extra skincare items that fit nicely in the spot. In the final basket I have my washrags and hand towels. Everything fits nicely in the right spot under that cabinet. And it didn't cost me much to give it a quick update! 

In the next cabinet over, I have even more store items. Its very full and might not look that organized but it really is. So in the right back I keep our first aid kit in a big black train case. I did get that at Walmart years ago and I have used it for many things but I didn't use it much for travel because it was so big and bulky. So we put it use as our family first aid kit. On top of that I have our heating pad, some wrist and ankle supports and a couple other items we still use and need. In front of that I have some of the items we are currently using from the first aid kit. I have them out simply for easy access right now. I also have my big bag of bath salts. I have two little purple bins that I found at the Dollar Tree for 2/$1 that hold my soaps and even more bath products. Stuff I use.. just not everyday. Those little bins work great and I love you can get two of them for $1. Then in the left front I have two more larger baskets from the Dollar Store. In one I have empties that I plan on sharing in the future and in the other I have samples and new products to try. Remember those subscription boxes!? Lots of goodies come in every month! In the back/middle I have extra products that I have. Maybe I found something on sale and had a coupon or found a great deal and just stocked up. Its nice because I can clearly see what I have and what I don't. Then in the back left corner I have 4 clear shoe boxes. Now you can find these at the Dollar Sore for $1 each but I found mine at Walmart for $.88 each. See sometimes the Dollar Tree doesn't even have the cheapest prices! In the bottom bin I have additional hair care styling tools that I don't use everyday but want to have handy. In the next bin I have a tons of extra bottles of our vitamins and supplements. In the next bin up, I have lots of extra products that are smaller. More soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. More items I found on sale. In the top bin I have more bath products. Mostly Lush items and different bath bombs sugar scrubs, and bubble bath. This area is also very full but everything has a home and easy to find and easy to put back. 

Moving around to my bathtub I have a little mirror that I found at the Dollar Tree with a few of my eye brow tools to use when I take a bath. Let me tell you.... this system of the mirror, my eyebrow brush, tweezers and scissors is seriously one of the best places I have found to do my brows. In the back corner I have a bin that was part of this tall corner shelf that I got at Walmart but we bought it when we were in another house and its too short for this bathroom.So I took one of the shelves off it and use it to hold my shampoos and soaps. Scott hates those shelves in his shower and its a way to re-purpose a item I couldn't use. I have a few smaller items lined up beside it but that is it. I have to be very careful in this area. I love a long nightly bath. Because of that I can go a little crazy with the bath items and clutter up the bath tub in a hurry. Right now I feel like I am at my bare essentials. :)

My shower area is pretty bare minimum.  I take a shower in the am sometimes and normally on Mondays because I clean all day but this area is not greatly used. I keep a bar stool with a stack of clean towels and I got the shower curtain at Dollar General for $10. The rug from Walmart for about the same. I like a clear shower curtain.. I want to see what is going on and not feel trapped. I hate the little shelves in the shower. They are so small that I simply hate using them. Instead I keep a basket at the bottom of the shower from the Dollar Tree that I got for $1 that holds my shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, razors, and sugar scrubs. Again the bare essentials. Putting the little basket at the front of the shower stops it from getting drenched when the water is on. It also makes the shower much easier to clean when I can just reach in and grab the one basket and have everything out to clean. Easy peasy! 

I hope the video and this blog post inspires you to give your bathroom a look and see if you need to update your organizing. Its so nice to have stores like the Dollar Tree that allows you to save money and still find cute, functional items to organize any room. Did you notice most of the items I used were purple. They had so many different colors and collections. Walmart also had those clear shoe bins for only .88 so they were actually cheaper. If you need them, go stock up! They come in handy for so many different areas in the house. 

  I am including my closet organization video in case you want to see it. Its right off the bathroom in between the shower and sinks. 

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for a upcoming Dollar Tree Giveaway that will have a lot of my favorite organizing and cleaning items. It will be up in the next couple of weeks! :)

Do you like using Dollar Tree items for organization? I would love to hear from you if you care to share. Have a beautiful Thursday! 

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