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Monday, June 9, 2014
Hello friends! I hope you are having a beautiful Monday. I am moving kinda slow and taking a easy approach today and actually towards this week. Summer is here which means many many changes, one of which is Jackson going to see his dad. So at this point, my days are going to be pretty quiet and relaxed being we are having a kid free summer for the first time in years. So things are kinda strange this year but I am hoping this will be the best relaxing and fun adult only summer! 
This past week, life was pretty hectic. I had a lot to do in a short amount of time. I had to get Jackson packed up and also try to maintain my household, blogging, youtube and vlogging schedule. At the beginning of the week by time I fell into bed, I was totally exhausted. From the look of it, Romeo was just as tired. I actually think maybe he had too much cat nip because believe it or not, he looked stoned as hell! That kitty cat has such a great personality... I swear there is a person in that little furry body! I also got busy making my grandma Mary's Magic Cake  for us to enjoy. Its such a easy yet delicious layer cake that is made with just one batter. Let me just say...it didn't last long! Being this was Jackson's last week at home, we spent a lot of time together including a few nights when Jackson actually cooked us dinner! I think its so important to get the kids in kitchen. I want my kids to know how to make an egg or do a load of laundry. Jackson has been cooking kid friendly dinners with me for a while now. I think its such a great way to get picky eaters to enjoy more food because he is in there making it with me. Its easier to get them to eat it if they have made it. Wednesday Scott was off work on Wednesday and actually did a lot with his day. He got the yard work and errands done and then took Jackson to a local baseball game. It was kinda like their last father and son day so they made the most of it. I wasn't feeling good at all so I stayed home and worked around the house. I actually was able to finish my first summer read and even started a new book! I have a giveaway going on where you have a chance to win either book....so get entered! As the week went on, I enjoyed some of the most beautiful late spring / early summer evenings. I love beautiful nights when the sun is just starting to set. There is always something magical about summer nights. We have even been eating a little later than normal enjoying so many delicious meals made on my simple yet effective charcoal grill. Its better than heating the house up with the oven and food just taste better cooked on charcoal. There are so many big gas grills that are so beautiful but I don't think I will ever own one when my simple $59 grill cooks so good leaving not only the charcoal aroma but taste too! If you want to see some of the dinners cooked on it along with many others, click here to watch the video showing our daily meals. It might help to give you a few menu ideas for your family too! Saturday I spent the day packing Jackson up and getting ready for our Sunday car trip. Jackson lives here with us during the school year and then goes and spends his summers with his dad in Indiana. Its not easy but we want him to have a very full life and he looks forward all year long to going to his dads and spending time with his old friends. Sunday morning came wayyyyy too soon. I think we were all up at 7am and with coffee in hand we got out of the house and headed up north. We decided to all meet right at the halfway point - Knoxville Tennessee - but Jackson and I dozed off and let Scott get us there. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains but it wasn't easy saying goodbye. I hate that Jackson is gone but I know he is going to have a great time with his dad, sister, and friends this summer. Scott and I took our time coming home...but it wasn't long before husby was out doing yard work and cleaning out the garage. God knows I am very thankful for all the hard work he did yesterday. While he was busy doing his thing, I got up and headed out to the market to stock up on times for us. The rest of the evening we spent together just relaxing trying to prepare for the week ahead. I have to admit, his week is going to be a lot more busy than mine. I am a little upset about Jackson being gone but I am looking forward to a summer with just Scott and myself.  Its going to be different...that's for sure! 

If you want to see more of my weekend, here our weekend in review - vlog style - 

  • Start cleaning the house....just a little bit each day until its all done. 
  • Bath & groom the cats....a job I hate as much as they do. 
  • Mail Jackson his allergy medicine. 
  • Trim the herbs in the kitchen...a job I have been putting off and now its looking like a jungle. 
  • Order this Avon cream from my sister in law. The daily mail has a great article about it and I have go to try it! I think she is sending samples first! Have any of you guys tried it yet?
  • Clean the chalkboard ( a weekly job ) and update. 
  • Get Jackson's bedding washed and room cleaned.....always a sad day when he's gone. 
  • Find baby shower gift and mail to Vicki
  • Send out thank you notes on desk day. Always Always say Thank you. ♥
  • Make pull apart pizza bread for Scotts boss. His wife is away and he's on his own in the kitchen!
  • Edit this weeks videos - I try to do one a day. 
  • Pick up prescriptions.....if I can't talk Scott into doing it for me. 
  • Replace blown light bulbs...I hate those fancy ones that are never bright enough. But we are always always having to replace light bulbs throughout the house. 
  • Work out in the flowers pulling off dead heads and such. 
  • Try to not worry too much about Jackson. 
Since I didn't get  my normal Sunday post up yesterday....here's some inspiration to take a long with you through the week. :)

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week. Come back soon. ♥ 
I will have our weekly shopping haul soon. Have a great day!

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