Week in Review - May 30 - June 2, 2014 w/ Weekend Vlog!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all. I hope you are getting on with this fresh Monday. I know so many people had to get up and head into work today. However, its summer break around here. Meaning...the only early riser in our house now is Scott. I know it was hard on him today too because he didn't feel well last night so its probably not going to be an easy day for him. Sorry this is going up later than normal but we are taking things very slow today and just moving at a snails pace! Here's what happened this week.. and my weekend in review VLOG is below!

This week was kinda slow for us. Monday was my typical house cleaning day but I did finish my closet which makes me feel so much better. It was a compete disaster half the time and I was loosing my mind every time I went in there. So finally last Monday I  finished it and couldn't be happier.  Tuesday was another pretty easy day. The house looked nice and I was able to spend time answering comments and emails but I didn't do it inside. Nope! Its been such beautiful weather that I can't just sit inside at a desk all day. Instead I grabbed my laptop and headed to the back deck. I love getting fresh air were I can hear the birds sing and also play with the dog. On Wednesday most of my day was taken up by preparing Jackson to go on to his Dentist appointment and then the actual appointment. It seems like all our Drs and such are 30 minutes away and its always a day when one of us has to go. I couldn't be happier with Jacksons results from the Dentist though. His teeth are in great shape and we will be moving right into braces this year. The ladies in the office were so kinda and sweet to them. By time we got home, the rain started and followed us right into the evening. At midnight it was still thundering and pouring down. After all the running around, I was pretty tired Wednesday night and with the sound of the rain, I was able to doze right off. Thursday we had another early appointment for therapy. It went rather well but its another 45 minute drive one way so it pretty much stole the entire day from me but its nice going in and getting a different point of view on things. Every week we are learning new ways to handle things better which is nice. By time I got back home, I just relaxed a lot and watched the rain come down. For lunch I decided that I would toss some Calamari in the oven but guess what!? I got busy with laundry and totally forgot I had it in the oven. Burnt Calamari is not good.... so that was food was basically wasted. :( I am going to have to get another bag to try it again! I was really tired on Thursday and was having problems all day in almost everything I did but I just found a quiet spot and refocused my energy and enjoyed a long hot bath and went to bed. 

I was not so excited about Friday I knew late Thursday night that I had to get my butt up for Jackson's last day of school. It was awards day and for whatever reason...they started it super early at school. Scott and I went together ( there was no way he was going to miss it ) and we watched kid after kid walk the stage to get their awards. I was shocked by how many students got A's only through their school career. - Jackson didn't get any big awards like that but he got | The Leader in Me | for taking initiative and being a leader. He certainly had  his ups and downs this past year however, his teachers made lifetime impacts on him which is greater than anything he learned. I still remember my 2nd grade teacher who had the most impact on me but he got 2 teachers this past year who put their kids first and who worked so hard with Jackson. They are the ones who really deserve the awards. I really couldn't be more grateful. But now its SUMMER and before long we will be moving right into the 6th grade. Friday night we took Jackson out for a celebration dinner which he loved and finished up with a huge piece of cheesecake. :) 

Saturday showed up in a easy kind of way. I seriously didn't climb out of the bed until around noon. Jackson also slept in and we took the day easy. We hung out around the house and ran a few errands but it was another rainy day. We had a storm cloud over our neighborhood for hours on end. I kept getting nervous that we were about to loose our electric but it only flashed on and off a couple of times. Jackson and I just hung around the house most of the day enjoying our time together. He is leaving for his dads soon so I want to get as much time with him as I can. Also Saturday night I started using the new Colgate Optic White toothpaste, brush and whitening pen which so far is ok. I like kid toothpaste that tastes good not something so hot that it actually burns my mouth. But this is ok so far. I will probably do a review after I use it all up. Check out Romeo all stretched out. Is he not the cutest. If that cat knew how much he was adored he would probably turn into the laziest cat ever. He kinda already looks like it in the picture above... but he is so loved and spoiled! 

Sunday arrived and the sun was out so Scott got on the golf course pretty early. I woke up...watched Joel Osteen and worked on my Sunday Inspiration Blog Post. I don't know how many of you read it but I hope its the one post throughout the week that you do see. This week I posted the picture above that really stuck out to me. It couldn't be more right. The rest of the day I spent working around the house and then Jackson and I went to the store to do our weekly shopping. He was so helpful and actually made our shopping easier. He sure is growing up fast. And he's also growing taller which helps him navigate the buggie around the store for me. Its so nice that he is finally growing and able to help. He was born so small we never knew what problems he would or wouldn't have. He's come a long long way.  In the late afternoon Scott's ex wife called being difficult as always. So he ended up staying upset for most of the evening. She does this kind of thing often and I am use to it by now. I am not someone she can hold hostage but its hard for Scott who has to deal with her. And its even worse for Zane. I can't wait until he is older and we don't have to deal with her any longer. Today he is much calmer and I think he understands letting his emotions take over will just make things harder. But hes not happy with the situation and trying hard to just deal with it in the right way. I think some of the new things we have been learning in therapy is helping him too. Its just real life.....sometimes its hard and complicated. It was sad for me to see him sad but I am not new to her games and I don't tolerate her bullshit as much as he does. She simply is not going to take away my happiness. Not on a bet. Hopefully they can work past her problems and do what's right for Zane.....that's what really matters.

If you want to see more about our weekend, enjoy the vlog below! Its loooonng...so make sure you grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and have a look! :) 

Here's what's going on around here this week...

  • Go through Junes birthday's & holidays...then shop for cards. 
  • Clean the house today and tomorrow.. I am taking it a little easier because summer is here and I am not in the same kind of hurry right now.
  • Get Jacksons prescriptions filled before he heads to his fathers house for the summer. 
  • I need to get my medical stuff ready for a very early Friday morning Dr. appointment. 
  • Get all of Jackson's stuff gathered up...washed and start packing. 
  • Work on finishing desk organization and film.
  • Break out yoga DVDS and start a new routine....just to feel better physically. 
  • Call my sister in law - who I normally talk to on the weekends but I missed her this past weekend! -
  • Spend sometime outside working in the flowers. 
  • Catch up on emails...story of my life!
  • Pick up package from the post office. - I don't understand why they couldn't leave it at the door - It's a book! 
  • Finish sorting the ever growing sock basket...a job I hate. 
  • Give the frig a good wiping down.....it really needs it
  • Clean out and organize car
  • Take Cooper on daily walks through the neighborhood

Here's some inspiration to through your week! 

Jackson is leaving Sunday and I bet this time next week I am going to have the empty nest syndrome going on. I am going to miss him so much. I just want him to have a happy and safe time and come back soon! I do know its going to be a while before he is back home but I hope to have a wonderful summer with my husband and try to enjoy it. :)  I will be back in a bit with our weekly food shopping haul.....stay tuned. 

I hope you have a great week! 

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