Thankful Thursday!

Thursday, June 19, 2014
 Hello friends. I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday. I kinda got up with more motivation that I have had in weeks and just decided to use it on the house. I have been working hard to get things cleaned up and organized around here after many lazy days. I have a lady who is now helping me with zone cleaning jobs ( which I will explain in a later video ) but there is always so much to do. I sometimes think a smaller house would be the best answer but then we are all crammed together where the clutter would show much faster! So maybe not.  Today's thankful post is kinda out of the ordinary today. I didn't even plan to write it. I thought...I would clean and just leave the computer work until tomorrow. But I got a lot of the cleaning done and I thought I would share with you a few things that I am thankful for this week. Keep in mind its not been just roses and rainbows.

First, I am of course thankful for a clean house. God knows if the house is a mess, my head is just as equally disorganized. The lady who pet sit for us last time cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom for a set price.. It looks much better and I am having her move on to another area next week. In the meantime, its still my job to clean the house and keep the laundry up along with the pet care. Not complaining but this big ass house takes a lot of work.

I am also thankful for the quietness of this week. Scotts ex wife has went off her rocker again and I am glad that Jackson wasnt here to feel the sad/angry/frustrated energy in the house a couple of nights. Being alone most days right now is extremely helpful in remaining calm and stress free. But I do miss the kids.

I am thankful for Xanax. Yep you read it right. Its a new medication that I only take when I am upset. So Scott's ex started her shit which resulted in physical symptoms for me. Its kinda like my body has started betraying me in very stressful situations. Its hard to talk, I start shaking, sometimes sweating, and its a very intense feeling. I mean I haven't experienced serious anxiety all my life. The therapist thinks I do have anxiety which I didn't really think I did but the majority of my family and friends agreed. So I kept my bottle around, not taking them because life was going ok but then it switched and for the first time ever, a medication was able to take all those symptoms away and really gave me a kinda - I don't give a shit attitude - so how can I not bow down and be thankful for that. It was truly a life changing moment. I have never took that medication before and its not a daily kind of thing but yes... I am very thankful for that help. Very Very Thankful.

I am thankful for all the rain we have been having. It kinda feels cleansing to me and peaceful. Its hard with the dog because we have red clay which means we have to wipe his paws every time he comes in or he will ruin the carpet. Same with our shoes. But its been beautiful watch and really cooling off hot days.

I am thankful that my daughter Brittany Belle ( the one in the middle ) is loving cheer again. A few weeks ago she was really mad that she kept getting dropped but she is back at it with such dedication. I had to promise to come see her big cheer competition in January. Honestly, going into her town in winter is kinda like walking through the gates of hell but I wouldn't miss it for anything. Its hard not being together everyday but I am not here to control her but just kinda do my best to let her walk her own path and maybe guide her when I can. Its a lesson I have been trying to learn but I am falling short. I have very high expectations for her and she is a straight A student but still, she has to walk her own path and I am so thankful that so far....she has done a pretty good job.

I am thankful for the cuddles and loves Romeo gives us. I am so in love with that cat. I know.. I know.. I know.. everyone feels their pet is the best but come to my house. You will be just as captivated with this cat as we are. There is something magical that lives within him and we feel blessed that he loves us. I totally think he should have a crown and needs to be on the cover of Cat Fancy.

I am thankful that I haven't had to cook a lot of meals this week. With it just being Scott and I, dinner is random and sometimes we just snack. Gotta admit, its kinda nice to have the break.

This might sound crazy but I am seriously thankful for my exhusband having both kids this summer. Understand, its been us for most of the kids lives who have had the kids during the summer. So this is totally new and void to us. For a while we had the empty nest syndrome going on but now we are actually kinda liking it! Jackson will be back the last week of July and I should be super charged for 2014-2015 school year. And its not been easy on my ex either. The kids are giving him a run for his money! :)

I am thankful that in the chaos of our life right now my marriage seems stronger than ever. I don't even know how that is possible but some how we are finding our way together down a very challenging path. I think for the first time ever we are shutting out all the outside noise an distraction and focusing on each other. Its not easy to do right now but I feel closer to him than ever. Maybe that is from therapy but one thing I know for sure....just us on our own are great 95% of the time. Bring the kids in and their other parents and all kinds of problems come up. However, my ex husband is a walk in the park compared to the ex wife. Scott and I have been together for many years. 10 to be exact. I am thankful for the years behind us and hopefully the years ahead of us and all the time in between.

I am thankful my touchpad started working again with no problems at all after having to go buy a mouse of course. But now I have a back up if this one goes out again. I really think its time for a new computer. Don't get me wrong though, this laptop has done a lot for me and I am totally thankful for it.

I am so thankful to those of you who take time to comment, send emails, and let me know about who you are. I love getting to know you guys. I know I don't respond back quickly but I am working on it but its a process. I promise I will catch up.

ANIMAL GIFS | via TumblrI am thankful for the chirping birds in the back yard. I don't like it really cool or cold in the house so most of the time the air is off and the back sliding screen door is open. There are a couple of real song birds that just sing and sing and I love it. However, I think they get on my husbands nerves but they sound so beautiful. It drives the cats crazy too. I am going to try to get some video of their concerts one day! I would love to get a bird but with 4 cats...that's just stupid. They would totally get to it. But our friends outside are nice enough for now!

I am thankful for good produce. I opened some live organic buttercrisp lettuce the other night and some how the beauty of it made me think of God. It was vibrant and delicious and beautiful. Silly to say about lettuce but its really how I felt.

I am thankful for the kind support at Erin Condren. My order is taking a little longer and I asked why. They simply and kindly explained that the new planner sale went live hours sooner than planned and they were swamped. She was super nice and said my ship date has not changed....which is the 23rd.  I am just so excited to get it and can't wait for it to arrive. I will totally do an open box when it comes. I am going to check to see if they will sponsor a giveaway because I have spent a lot of money with them and love their products so much! And if they don't.. I will just pay for it myself because I sure want to share the love!

I am most thankful to God for getting through a pretty tough week. We still found moments of smiles and happiness but its been a struggle. I keep praying and I know we are being guiding us in the best direction for us. I have to admit, it would be nice to have like a road map but we are following his lead. Still through the madness of a bi polar exwife we are taking comfort in each other. And we are taking comfort that God knows what he is doing and we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, our lives, even our parenting skills day by day. Life is a serious of challenges and ups and downs but its how we learn from them is what really matters. We are are very blessed and instead of letting the negative in, we are focusing on the even the littlest of things that make us happy. God has blessed us and its important to let that be our focus and guide us.

I hope you have a wonderful night. See you with Friday letters tomorrow. :)

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