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Saturday, June 28, 2014
beautyHappy Saturday friends! Its a pretty wet day around here and I am just enjoying watching it come down. Last night I was driving in this kinda weather so sitting at home is a total joy! Most people in my life don't love the rain as I do but its always been refreshing and calming to me. Being home with a cup of hot tea talking with you guys is a perfect start to my day! I thought I would let you in on a few of the thoughts bouncing around in my head....hope you enjoy! 

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I went to bed with a headache last night. I had one too many cocktails after my bath and instead of going to sleep easy.. I stayed awake for a while and developed a freaking headache. I got tired of fighting it and finally got up and took some meds that knocked me right out. Thankfully today it's gone.

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Scott and I took off to our old town last night. its funny because I seriously don't know why we really moved because we are always there. We stopped at one of our favorite burger joints and enjoyed a quick dinner before coming back home. I love their steak burger but could only eat half of it so guess what's for lunch today!? 

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I have been kinda upset the past few days about Scott's ex wife. I know many many of you guys got your own nightmare ex's to deal with but I am pretty sure this bitch would take the cake for craziest ex wife. I swear she lives to cause problems. I am so so so so so very thankful she is 700 miles away. I would move even further away from her if I could. But Scott and I are getting even closer with all the drama. We are just holding on to each other and trying to be supportive to each other. He knows how hard this is for our family and is doing what he needs to show us all how much we mean to him. I know he loves me and I just have to not let negative outside evil forces steal our happiness. → And those are his words. ← 

Me gusta | TumblrMy new Erin Condren Planner finally got shipped. Its suppose to be here by Tuesday of next week. Plus I have another order that is being processed right now too. I can't wait to get it. I am pretty sure if your a reader of this blog you already know it! But...also keep in mind, I am going to be giving one of you lucky winners a planner from Erin Condren too! Just stay tuned for all the details! 

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I need to run to the dollar store. However, as long as its pouring down....I am staying put. I am just starting to get where I can drive without having serious panic attacks. The accident where the car came over into my lane really messed my head up for a long while. Flipping over in the car and landing in a creek was not the scary moment I go back to. It was when they crossed the line that flipped me out so badly. Now I am scared every time I am beside a car that they are going to come into my lane. But like I said.. I am slowly getting better. But I am not driving on the wet roads unless I just have to....the Dollar Store can wait. 

Me gusta | TumblrMy husband has planned this long weekend at Myrtle Beach right before Jackson heads to school! He has been planning the entire thing on his own. I know I am getting a full day at the spa while he plays a beautiful golf course with Jackson. Its going to be an amazing time...again.. HIS WORDS! I am totally excited and its really our last little family trip before the school year starts. Jackson is totally excited too! I think Scott has been having a blast planning this trip. And you guys know I will be vlogging through it! :) 

Me gusta | TumblrScotts niece is having her baby shower today! I think we are skyping through it. I feel so blessed to have married into this family.  I only wish we all lived closer together so that we could see each other more often. Its hard being far away from each other but I am sure we will find a way to go meet the newest member of the family when he arrives! 
Me gusta | TumblrI have a couple baskets of clothes that I need to put away in a bit. Why is that the worst part of doing laundry? I can handle all of it just fine expect putting it up. Here in just a bit I am going to get busy doing it. I will feel a lot better when its done. 
Me gusta | TumblrLaura and the kiddos are coming to visit this next weekend. I think they will be staying until Monday or Tuesday. Did I tell you guys she is having another baby!? This time we think its a boy!!! We were all a little surprised at first because she already has two little ones but she came from a very large family so its not shocking. We are super happy to have them coming! 
Me gusta | TumblrI finally got my hair done and covered up most of the grey. Its a total pain in the ass to have to dye my hair every month because of grey hair!!! Its the only thing that truly makes me feel old. Thank God for hair dye. I am going lighter and lighter because they blend in better when they do grow out some but its strange.. I have normally always had dark hair but anything to make it easier. 

Me gusta | TumblrI still think about that missing plane all the time. I just know its at the bottom of the ocean. I wish they would find it because the families need closure. I think we all need and want answers to what happened. I fly.. do you? Its important that we find out what happened no matter how long it takes. 
Me gusta | TumblrFree samples are hard to find in the summer months. I don't understand why there are always so many more in winter but I am always looking! I hate hate hate not being able to find any but if you do...please let me know so I can share them!  
Me gusta | TumblrCooper is driving me nuts again today to go outside and play ball. Its surely not happening while the rain is coming down. He will turn into a muddy mess if I let him out. I am thinking about putting him on the treadmill for a bit and let him get some energy out. 
Me gusta | TumblrI finally got my homemade jelly post up. If you haven't checked it out click here. Its super easy to make and the canning supplies didn't cost that much and now we have a huge stack of homemade jelly in the pantry! Its the perfect summer activity you can involve the entire family with. And lets face it...for big families its never easy during the holidays and homemade jelly is a wonderful gift! 
Me gusta | TumblrI feel like I just can't get back on a schedule yet. I have been loving the summer hours. Its lighter out for longer so we are basically doing everything just a bit later which makes me stay up later too. So I have been sleeping in almost daily and love it. But I am not accomplishing near as much as I had hoped for. I am not sure if I am just going to suck up the summer and stick to the laid back schedule or try to actually get up and get a lot more done. Let me just say....the bed feels amazing! 

Me gusta | TumblrI watched 20/20 last night after we got back home and let me just say...its heart breaking listening to Elliot Rodgers father talk. His son is the won who went around killing people in the black BMW.  I can't even begin to understand what his father is going through. And its not just him.. the victims and their families too. I don't understand why our country has become known as the gun country where we basically just kill each other. I wish something would happen that would get guns under control once and for all. Never forget...it could be your child next.

Me gusta | TumblrRomeo smells like Scott's cologne today. I guess he was giving those kitty cuddles away this morning. ♥ I am not the only one who loves that cat in this house. We have though been talking about getting another dog. Yep. And here are the top 3 contenders.
 Which one do you think we will pick!? Belgium Shepard, Maltese, or Afghan Hound? We think its time for Cooper to have a friend!

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My husband is super busy today. If it ever stops raining I thought I would go see him but not if he's that busy. I wish he didn't have to work so much. He's working hard to fill up that 401k so in later years we won't have to worry. I guess we are growing up because now we are really thinking long term. I told him just the other night if something happened to me anytime soon make sure my hair is in a pony-tale in the casket. ( And to be very honest, we are going to be cremated but with a showing first if its possible. ) See....long term. Its kinda scary because I would be lost without him. But we have right now and that's what really counts. 

Me gusta | TumblrToday I plan on working around the house and maybe getting out to run to the dollar store.....if it stops raining. It looks like the sun is trying to peek out so maybe! The house needs some love and attention...all things I don't really want to do. I hope you are having a lovely day and I will be back in a bit! 

Happy Saturday! 

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