Hello Saturday!

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you are getting along well with your day. I am again starting a little later because of my new summer schedule but that's ok. I woke up feeling pretty good and rested. It's nice to wake up easy and not have to hit the ground running. My husband sure had to and was up and out super early. I swear, he really does have such a good work ethic and does a great job of taking care of us. I am sure he is ready for his day to be over so he can have Sunday to rest and actually get some of the yard work done. Yesterday I spent the day working on little projects around the house yet I have so many left to do. You know, the house is basically a living thing....and it is always changing. No matter how well something is organized, it always has to be kept up because if you don't live alone, the chances are not everyone is going to follow your system. Around here...normally its not too hard to get Scott to put things back right but leave it to little Jackson to put empty cartons back in the pantry, empty jars back in the frig...so there is always a lot to do. I don't ever feel like things are 100% around here. Never. But that's ok. The kitchen and main areas stay pretty clean but days like yesterday and also today give me time to just go tinker around with little household projects. Thankfully I feel good enough to do some of them! Yesterday was total detailed cleaning of the refrigerator. Today will be a fast pantry pick up, a quick pickup of the household closet on the first floor. A lady helped do zone cleaning in the kitchen but it was almost a month ago but it really takes daily work to keep it up.

Here's a few more things happening this weekend!

Hopefully Scott and I are going to go see Think like a Man 2 ....have I mentioned how much Kevin Heart makes me smile and laugh!? He's one of my favorites!

Check on my grandmother. Its hard to keep up with her from another state but I do need to find out how she is doing....so I gotta make some calls.

Work out in the flowers some and weed. I still need to plant my rose bush out back.

Edit lots and lots of videos...something I just have not felt like doing.

Scott said his car was making a strange noise on the way home from work last night. He took my car today and I am waiting on the tow truck to show up and take it to his dealership. I guess its better safe than sorry. Hopefully its nothing too big that is wrong.

I need to figure out what we need from the store, make a list and go shopping....we don't need a lot so it should be pretty easy!

Get giveaway books ordered! I am still waiting on one of the winners to respond but Monday I am ordering one of the books and maybe picking another winner if I don't here from them. I hate when someone enters a giveaway and never checks to see if they won. I am going to send another email to her in just a bit. Maybe she has something going on but...I just want her to get her book!

I also plan on reading a chapter or two in my own book. Its crazy how little time I make to read actually a real book.

I have mentioned I really want Hilary to run and win for President? Well I am kinda trying to make deal with the devil....I am trying to convince my husband to give me his vote if she runs and after her 2nd term, I will give him my vote when he wants it. So I am still working on that plan! :)

I should get outside and really scrub the grill down sometime this weekend. God knows I hate that dirty job.

My best friend just told me that sometimes people try to expose whats wrong with you because they can't handle everything that is right about you. It sounds pretty damn true if you ask me.

My little daughter is constantly challenging me with life lessons. Lets just say I'm nervous. I worry about her and how her decisions will effect her life but we are really trying to instill self confidence, education, and help guide her. But again.. its her life and she has to figure things out and learn her own lessons. She is 12 going on 21 which is scary as hell. Social media has totally changed how kids grow up. Her father and I wish we could keep her locked in the house but that's no way to live either. So again...we are trying our best to be supportive, loving and try to let the natural consequences for her actions happen rather than give her our own consequences which are pretty stupid anyway. Girls are way harder than boys!

The weather keeps fooling me. I don't water the flowers because it looks like rain and then not a drop. I seriously need to water them really well but you know... it will rain after I do it!

Saturday's make me smile! I am in a great mood today and I hope you are too! I'll be back soon with a new summer smoothie recipe | video |. Have a great weekend!

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