Good Morning!

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Good Morning Friends! I hope you are getting a good start to your day. I would prefer to not be up yet but I have to head out to an apt in just a bit so I had to get out of the bed. I was going to put this post up last night but I got busy just enjoying time with Scott that I shut the computer and just relaxed on a rainy night. I figured I would share some of the happenings and updates along with some random thoughts...hope you enjoy!                  

♥ Yesterday Scott was off work...and while I hoped to go out together some....we mainly just stayed in all day together. It was rather a nice day! 

   ♥ I am - well so is husby about to start on the Chantix again to quit smoking. I quit a couple of times on it but Scott still smoked around me so I started back up. He is convinced he is ready to stop. So we are doing the medication again which does put our body through hell for a couple of weeks but if it makes us stop smoking then we both will just have to suck it up and do it.  

♥ I was watching the news and saw how Donald Sterling is in fact suing. Good for him. Those were private conversations and I would sue too. What about our privacy rights? Do you want your private home conversations being used against you? I think not. 

♥ I was thinking that it might be a good idea to check out the coast of South Carolina and maybe move. I don't want to move once Jackson starts back up at school but it sure is a thought. We have a beach right here in our own state....maybe Florida is not the end destination. 

♥ Jackson was a little punk on the phone last night. Let him be around his dad and sister for just a couple of weeks and his mouth is as bad as theirs. Needless to say...I came close to canceling his netflix for being a brat. 

♥ I am trying to get in a little more walking. Its been perfect to walk Cooper around the neighborhood. However, I think he likes the car better! 

♥ I burnt my finger under my thumb trying to light a tall candle. It even bleed and makes my nail look dirty. Its too sore to nail a nail brush to it so I guess I am just going to have to paint my nails a dark color to hide it. 

♥ If you didn't see on Instagram, my touch pad on my lap is on the brink. It works sometimes and other times it totally freezes up and wont go anywhere. I even went out and bought a mouse yesterday morning and now the touch pad is working again. I think its about time to get another computer. But the tech is suppose to come over this evening to check it out. 

♥ Today I will be gone from 10-12 and I am dreading it. I am sure I will come home tired. I hate early appointments. 

♥ I am about to go buy an ice cream maker. I haven't done it in years and want to make a bunch of new recipes! I have no idea which one I am going to get but if you have a suggestion...let me know! 

♥ My best friend spent the night at the hospital with her daughter who has to have yearly test. I am sure it was a very hard night for her.                         
 ♥ We are billed every 3 months for our water. Well, I forgot all about that bill. Thankful that they took a credit card on the spot otherwise we might have been in trouble!          
 ♥ I want to go strawberry picking very soon. First I need to get a few canning supplies but I am making a big batch of strawberry jelly. I think I am going to give some away for Christmas gifts next year. Scott wants to golf Sunday so that might be the day I go load up on strawberries!        
 ♥ I haven't done much around the house so far this week. I really need to take a few hours and just do as much as I can. Its not too bad but it needs some love. 

♥ Scot and I have watched a lot of good movies here lately. I need to get back to doing movie reviews on here. I miss them! 

♥ Scott and I have a lot of mini dates together this summer. Just because the kids are not coming...doesn't mean we can't still have a good time! I am so looking forward to the zoo!

♥ I have a lot to do today...but right now, its time to head out the door...Be back in a bit!

Have a great Thursday!                                                                                                                 

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