Friday Letters

Friday, June 27, 2014
Happy Friday Friends! I am back today with another edition of Friday Letters. Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I was just under the weather and still not feeling my best right now but on with the letters!
                                                                                                              Dear God, Thank you for another beautiful week. This week you showed me what absolute misery and evil looks like and I am learning from you how how to handle it. I am not doing it so graceful as you but you know my heart and you know what I feel so just keep trying to put me in the right place. 

Dear Romeo, Your kitty cat cuddles this morning was precious. Its little moments like we had this morning that remind me why you are the most beloved cat of the Jaggers family. I don't think there will ever be a cat that can top you.

Dear John Boehner,   I hate you. I hate everything you say and everything you stand for. I understand freedom of speech so your allowed to run your mouth anytime but I wish you would just go away. Same goes for Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich. You won't be missed.

Dear Brittany & Jackson, I am so very happy that you two have got along the past few days. You guys have got to make things a little easier for your know hes not use to so much commotion! He needs breaks too.

Dear Scott, I know you think I hold it against you that you made a huge mistake with your ex 12 years ago who is now doing her best to destroy anything and everything good in our lives. Its like dealing with Satan himself with her. I am not angry at you...but I am so fed up with the bullshit she brings into our lives. I am very much in love with you. I love our life together. However, you need to get that dumb bitch under control. I have breaking points too you know. I won't let such evil and dark energy in my home let alone my life at this point. I think its time I break out my red bracelet again. I thought after Billie Watteau died most of the evil energy died with her. Nope. We still have it. And I pray every night it just goes away or we run away together. Life was so much better when we didn't talk to her for years on end. I regret so many things now including going ahead and reading that October email from her. It should have been directed right to freaking spam that very moment. See....I am in fact, learning from my mistakes. NEVER AGAIN. Ohhh... I love you...and I still want a damn bird! :)

Dear Body, All day long yesterday you were betraying me. I was sick in so many ways and ended up laying on the couch all day long. I thought I was dying. I am pretty sure Scott passed us the bug but today you are feeling a little better. Please Please be better to me today!

Dear Trina, Thank you for all your help yesterday. I will have the book, charger, and money ready for you tomorrow to go into the mail. I love you and so very thankful that you are always there for us. We hope someday to repay you for all the love and kindness you have shown us over the years. Scott and I love you bunches!

Dear Barbara Walters, I can't wait to watch your interview tonight. I am sure it will be a good yet very sad time listening but I am very interested in watching.

Dear Cooper, I know I bitch about you kinda being a aggressive golden retriever but I kinda like feeling protected. You just keep barking anytime you need to!

Dear Dad, I miss you. My real dad has never been there and you are the only dad I ever had or will ever had. I am pretty much sure that I will never speak to your son again unless he contacts me which we both know will never happen. You were the one pushing us to talk again the last time. There is no one pushing us now and I don't think either of us really care. What I care about is missing you. I know you here... I can feel you all the time but its still sad because our conversations are one sided now. I talk... and hope you can hear. Sometimes I just want to hear you tell me that everything is going to be ok. Maybe it was you blowing out all those lights in my bathroom this past week ( again ) idk...but I am still learning to deal with all the things you warned me about and its not easy.

Dear Laura, I can't wait to see you and the girls this weekend! It should be a great time! We don't get to see you guys much so Scott and I are both happy to have you here. Thanks for fitting us in! :)

Dear Mom, Sorry I didn't talk much yesterday. I was super tired and sick. Scott passed off some bug to me but I would love to catch up. Call when you can. I love you!

Dear Bath Tub, You have been my little piece of heaven right here on earth. Its the only place I can go and really not be bothered in anyway. Well, thats not true. Sometimes a kitty cat jumps up and falls in but most of the time you are my one happy place in the house!

Dear Vicki, I really wish Scott and I could be there for your baby shower. Its hard to make that trip alone and your uncle Scotty don't get a lot of time off. But I hope you like the gifts and maybe we can skype during it! I can't wait to meet your baby! ♥

Dear President Obama, Hilary is changing my thoughts on you a little. I still like you but your so not a team player. Not judging....I'm not either but I want HER in the White House next. I don't think comparing Hilary to your wife was fair either. You can't compare the two women. Hilary is BY FAR more respected and knowledgeable. She's been playing with the big boys for years and has more experience in her pinkie than most people on your team. Lets not get too crazy now.

Dear Laci, I can't wait to talk to you later! Lots to chat about! :)

Dear Bed, you felt amazing last night. A good nights sleep can do the body well! I snuggled right in you and your soft blankets and dozed right off.

Dear Shanna, I wonder what is going on with you today. Can't wait to hear!

Dear Erin Condren, My first box is on the way!!! Fed Ex says I should have it by Tuesday of next week! Totally excited! I hope my 2nd box gets here soon too! I need to send you an email later today....* reminder!

Dear Bloggy & Youtbue Friends, You guys are always so sweet to me. I love getting to know you. I am going to be answering some comments today and tomorrow and try to get caught up. Little by little I am working on answering emails back. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your lives to spend here with us! Happy Friday!

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