Friday Letters!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Neighbor, Thanks for starting up your lawn mower so damn early. I understand that you need to cut it early because of the heat but I sure didn’t like waking up so early.

Dear Mom, I am going to call you in a bit to check in on you.  I miss you and we need to catch up.

Dear TV, Right now its hard to find anything good on. I was so pissed Thursday night when we pay for the largest package of freaking tv channels and nothing Scott or I wanted to watch. We would have paid for a movie but nope. Nothing.  I do watch a lot of CNN but damn..I am starting to loose my faith in you.  I am starting to opt for either no tv or noise or music. We seriously are in desperate need of some good movies. 

Dear Brittany, I am very proud of you and I want you to remember your manners at all times. You are growing into a wonderful young lady but you will have to be the one who lives with your choices…they always follow you love.

Dear Donald Sterling, You know I don’t agree with the things you said but I never thought it was ok to be tapped in your house. Now you are basically calling out Doctors who deemed you incompetent to make your own decisions. Call me crazy, but  you sure sounded in your right mind on that message.  You sounded pissed off….but you sounded like you still have your mind. I say screw them….pay for the very best lawyers and sue them all. Private phone calls should not be used against you in the way they are. If you were plotting to kill the president then maybe I could see some drama but seriously dude…watch what you say but bring out the big guns and sue their asses and I would start with your gold digger girlfriend.

Dear Laura, We have got to catch up. I keep getting updates from your dad but I want to know how you are so I am just going to have to pick up the phone for an afternoon chat! I hope your pregnancy is going well and I can’t wait to hear if its another granddaughter or grandson…exciting!

Dear Scott, You already know that I love you with all my heart. I know I hurt your feelings a lot and believe me most of the time its unconsciously done. Just like the other night. Sorry. Sometimes I get tired and don’t listen. But thank you for always being there for me. 

Dear Jackson,  Scott and I miss you so much. We can’t wait for you to come back and start a new year at school. I think each day you are growing up more and more and I am also proud of you. 

Dear Romeo, Again I have nothing but love to type about you. You are so adorable that I would seriously give up every animal in the house to keep you. Your it big boy and I know Scott and the kids love you just as much as I do.

Dear Zane,  I am sorry for what you had to hear your mom say. I hope you know that we don’t want to make things worse for you.  We pray that you are ok and one day will come on your own. Its not because of us. We love and miss you.

Dear Inner Circle aka…Mom, Trina, Shanna, Laci, & Marjorie, You guys are everything to me. Each of you mean so much in my life. I appreciate all the long talks, words of encouragement and help.  I ‘m seriously…you ladies ( with my help of course ) could run the world! I love you guys....I want us to all take a weekend trip to a spa together! 

Dear Less Stroud ( Survivor Man ), I have an obsession watching you. Seriously but I don’t think I would remember anything you said if I was in your crazy locations. I think Scott gets jeallious when I admit that I would rather be stranded with you than him! Hahahahahah! It’s really not true .. I would want you both with me!  J I must admit, I don’t think I would do well with eating lizards but I do believe you would keep me alive. We have been fans for a long time and I love love love you taking your teenage son out with you now. 

Dear Jeremy Meeks, I have to admit….you are a damn good looking felon. I have said it for years that there are some smoking hot men in jail and it looks like you are staying unless you put up one hell of a defense. HOWEVER, make bond and start modeling and you might be able to pay for your dream team! 

Dear Cooper, You sure don’t live a dogs life in this house. Instead you lay around in the air conditioning and sleep with your head on a pillow every night. We have spoiled you wayyyyy to much! 

Dear Friends & Family, I hope you had a great week. Summer is pretty much here for each of us and I am loving every bit of it. I love warm weather but its been a little too warm being I have had to run the air but I am not complaining! I am so thankful for each of you who spend time with us and get to know our family. As many of you already know, life is not always easy but because of you guys, I smile and laugh more. I feel so blessed when i open up my inbox and see messages that are so inspiring and uplifting. You guys make blogging and youtube worth every minute. Thank you for lifting my spirits and sharing your life with me too.  Have a great weekend! 

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