Weekend in Review May 16 - May 18, 2014 w/ Weekend DITL Vlog!

Monday, May 19, 2014
Normally every Monday, I post a weekend in review recapping what happened over the weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also was vlogging everyday and would post the weekend vlogs within the weekend in review posts too. However, many of you know of the changes I have made with my vlogging schedule. I am not doing it everyday now.. instead I am doing random vlogs, travel vlogs and weekend in Review Vlogs. I thought it was only fitting to go with this blog post each week! Right now I am vlogging on the weekends for the most part. So that video will always accompany my weekend in review posts. So here's what went on around here this weekend..hope you enjoy! 

- Friday - 

Friday started off a little slow for me. I worked most of Thursday night on my new blog design. It takes a lot to get things changed around and updated. So I was working on little to no sleep on Friday. Normally for me Fridays is my errands day, pet care day, and instead of doing those things.. I just tinkered around the house, taking my time with everything. I was also pretty grumpy during the day so it was probably a good thing that I had the day to myself. Well of course, I had the animals here with me...and Cooper drives me crazy on a daily basis with his ball. I have never ever had a dog so obsessed with playing ball. Anyway, Scott came home and went back out to do a little shopping on his own which included more blinds for the kitchen. I so freaking hard on the blinds in our house that I just want to rib them down and put up curtains. But Scott got the replacement - $40 a pop for the blinds in this house - and hung it up for me. He is not really a handy man but I do appreciate the things he does do. :) Also Friday was the first night we fired up the grill! I took the afternoon and cleaned it all up first. I am not a gas grill person. There is something off with the taste of food to me that has been cooked on a gas grill. I think they look beautiful but I prefer the taste of the charcoal and probably will never change!

- Saturday - 

For whatever reason, its been really hard to get a good nights sleep. Sometimes I stay up late thinking I will be able to sleep in the next morning but sometimes my body doesn't go along with my mind. I actually woke up tired Saturday. How odd is that? But I got on with my day after a few cups of coffee and started reorganizing the downstairs desk. It really needed to be updated and I am happy that job is done. I just feel better when things are clean and organized. We also got a special delivery Saturday too. A new riding lawn mower. Ha! I guess the yard guy is fired and now Scott is going to take care of the yard. Thank God for that. We tried to go along with the guys schedule but he was never here when he said he would be and our yard just looked awful. Even though I know Scott won't always enjoy doing it, I am happy we took care of that problem too. Did I mention how nice the yard looks now!? While he was busy in the yard, I got busy making some of my fruit salad. Its the perfect time of year for a delicious fruit salad and everyone in the house loves it! The boys also love anything pizza so that's what we had. I normally don't like pizza much but I had a couple of slices with just cheese and it was so good! I actually landed in bed a little earlier than normal on Saturday which I think was exactly what I needed.

- Sunday - 

 I woke up Sunday morning feeling great! I felt refreshed and happy for a good nights sleep. I forgot to mention that on Saturday evening I finally put my bed back up on its frame. I am so use to kittens running around the house that it was just a bad idea to have it up off the floor. But now all the kittens are gone and my bed is raised up agian and it feels so strange. Its really high and I was scared I might fall out of it during the night but that didn't happen. Now I just need to get the headboard back on it too!  Scott knew exactly how I felt about the sleep because he also slept in. I was up a couple hours before him but I didn't mind because I knew the sleep would him good too. I took off to do some grocery shopping and Scott and Jackson took off to do some shopping of their own too. Today Scott bought a Weed Eater. I think he is all set up now and won't have to buy anything more to take care of the yard. And he didn't just buy it.. he used it too. Jackson and him got out there and did so much work again today. I think it was great for Jackson because he has just been a lazy butt here lately so yard work helped get that out of him. As the evening came on, the boys both requested the left over pizza from Saturday. We still had a lot left over and it worked out perfect. Nothing got wasted and I didn't have to cook! Into the night I got busy in my planner trying to get things figured out for the upcoming weeks. I don't think I could ever live without a calender. Its the one thing that keeps my life running smoothly. It totally inspires me and helps keep me on track with everything from my life, the kids, the blog and youtube...it just helps with everything. Before Scott went to bed, we had to give Romeo his share of love. Seriously, he is the most loved cat in the house. Hes just the perfect kitty cat who gets all the love we can give him.

If you want to check out even more of our weekend, enjoy the vlog below!

  • Get the house cleaned up today. That is my only focus today..just to get the weekly cleaning done. The faster the better. 
  • Get Jackson to his Dr and Dentist apt. 
  • Back up this blog - you never know what could happen - 
  • Fertilize Plants
  • Start figuring out what vegetables I want to grow this year. 
  • Clean out Purse - a job that I have needed to do for a while
  • Do a quick pickup of the pantry. With Jackson helping put groceries away, I have no idea where anything is. 
  • Try to get use to the new schedule I am trying to keep. I might do a video on it sometime in the near future. 
  • Start washing windows - The weather is suppose to be super nice this weeks so it should be a good time to do it. 
  • Clean up the DVR's so we can make room for even more mundane tv shows. I really just want a good movie to come out. Nothing out is really exciting me right now. 
  • Make time to read my latest book ..because there is another book I want to start and I like reading just one book at a time. 

I love hearing from you, as always, and enjoy reading your comments.  Please keep them coming!   I am working on hard on replying back in a more timely manner...promise! If you want to find me buzzing around online..here's where to go! 
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I hope you are well and have a beautiful and blessed week. 

The Rachael Way