Week in Review May 23- May 26, 2014 w/ Weekend in Review VLOG

Monday, May 26, 2014

| Sorry about this going up a bit late today. I had a hard time getting the weekend in review vlog to upload! |

Normally every Monday, I post a weekend in review recapping what happened over the weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also was vlogging everyday and would post the weekend vlogs within the weekend in review posts too. However, many of you know of the changes I have made with my vlogging schedule. I am not doing it everyday now.. instead I am doing random vlogs, travel vlogs and weekend in review Vlogs. I thought it was only fitting to go with this blog post each week! Right now I am vlogging on the weekends for the most part. So that video will always accompany my weekend in review posts. However, I am going ahead and making this a WEEK in review not just a weekend. But the vlog will remain the same ...just Friday - Sunday with maybe some bonus footage from the week here and there. So here's what went on around here this weekend..hope you enjoy!

Most Mondays come around and I start off a little slow but I sure like the fresh start to the week. I normally don't even put on makeup on Mondays. I get my weekly cleaning done and normally by time the sun sets, I am exhausted. But here lately, the house has been more organized, less cluttered and easier to clean. If I stick to the schedule I already have in place, I can get through it in a couple of hours. But if I have let things build up through the week and weekend, Monday would be much harder. Dinner Monday was Eggs in a Cloud...perfect for a night I was already tired. This is such a delicious meal to make and its so easy! The clouds are the whites of the eggs that you beat until they are stiff...and the yolk goes in the middle. DELICIOUS! 

Normally, I like to make appointments for Fridays but that can't always happen. Not everyone keeps my schedule! I knew going into Monday night that Tuesday was going to be a busy day for me. I had a lot of things I wanted to get done around the house and Jackson also had his last Dr. apt until the beginning of the next school year. He is heading to his dads in a couple of weeks, so we have to get all the appointments finished up soon. Which is why he is going to the Dentist Wednesday. I braced myself for how long it was going to take and just went with it. We didn't have to wait long but the drive there is about 30 minutes, then a pharmacy, and I also wanted to stop by Walmart on the way home. I think we left at 345pm and finally got home around 7:20. It felt like forever but instead of getting upset about how long everything was taking, I took a deep breath and just decided to make the most out of it because after all, I was spending time with Jackson. ♥

Scott had Wednesday off so we just made a day of it. We had some appointments  and then we had lunch at the sweetest French Bistro but leave it to me to get an American burger! I was just hungry and it sounded good but I kinda wish I would have got Scott's open faced Steak Sandwich. It looked amazing. When we finally finished our day out, Scott came home and started mowing the yard. Its so nice to not have to pay  that lazy ass yard guy who never showed up when he was suppose to. So far Scott is doing a great job keeping it up himself. I am sure I could figure out how to use the riding lawn mower and do it too but I would probably need a few good lessons first! 

All day Thursday, I kept thinking about what our therapist said to us on Wednesday. You can read all about it here, but it sure got me thinking...and thinking...and even more thinking about how to have empathy in the hardest of times. Imagine someone standing face to face without spewing words that you can't stand. Opposing your thoughts and ways of doing things. How do you have empathy first before addressing the situation? Normally, I am so emotional at that point there is no way in hell empathy was around at all. Reprogramming ourselves to feel someone else s feelings FIRST takes a lot of time and I suspect training.  He sure got me thinking though. I eventually had to turn my thoughts to working on recording a few videos before making dinner. I normally hate my hair but for whatever reason the Hair Gods blessed me with a good hair day that totally shocked me when I watched back the video. Take note.. you won't see this often! For Dinner, I had meatballs cooking away in the crockpot for a easy dinner that was delicious....stay tuned for this weeks What's Cookin' Video coming up on Wednesday! When Scott walked through the door, he brought that beautiful spring bouquet of flowers. They are so pretty and still alive! 

Fridays normally consist of anything to do with the animals.. Bathing, grooming, Vet appointments.. plus errands and other things that pop up. Well, it's getting warmer, and Super Cooper needed a good trim. So Instead of trimming him completely, I decided to give him the lion cut. I understand this is not for everyone but he gets really hot in the summer and he is always back to a full body of long hair by winter. He loves it! I filmed in case anyone wants to save a lot of money, and do it yourself. I am not a groomer.. I don't have any training but I think it came out pretty well!

The weekend consisted of kitty naps in the strangest of places. This box that was suppose to be tossed out a few days ago is a haven for the cats. Its never empty. When one kitty gets out, another goes in. We also did some simple grilling out and I enjoyed a few long hot baths that just relaxed me so much. Now that my ribs are finally healed up, I can finally use the jets again which is pure bliss. After I got out, I received the most touching email from a young reader and youtube friend which actually made me cry. If you want to hear it, you can skip to it at 23:25 in the video because it was beautiful. I still need to respond back but it really touched my heart. Also I woke up on Saturday to the news of the shootings killing 6, injuring 13 by one young man. My heart goes out to all the families involved. Its tragic and I should take this time to go over gun control again but until we are all able to understand that change really is needed, I doubt anything will be done. And people wonder why I am happy being home. I don't think our national symbol should be a gun...and its looking more and more like that everyday with all the shootings and killings. Why are we not doing something about it?? Ask yourself that and then be a part of the solution rather than the problem.


Its weighed heavy on my mind since it happened. Those kids didn't need to die. The killer who was mentally ill was able to get weapons legally and in my opinion, could have been prevented. It could be our kids next. Its time to demand change otherwise the US * who has more mass killings than any other country - will become just a war zone from its own people. It's heartbreaking. 

Scott and Jackson got up on Sunday and headed off to the post office and then to to the golf course. My day included working more on my closest and then doing some shopping. Once he got back, I received a card from another reader/youtube friend which was also very touching. You guys seriously have blessed me with some amazing friendships and I couldn't be more grateful so thank you very much.  Normally on the weekend my planner is always out, trying to figure out the week ahead. I like things to go smoothly which is why I am such a planner addict. I also tried a new freaky face mask and let me tell you, it for sure was a strange way to wear a face mask. However there are some really nice benefits to wearing it for 30 minutes. I finished up getting my sisters box ready for ship only to realize this morning that today is a holiday...Dhhhhh. I am sure she is ready to kill me for keeping one of her favorite forgotten ear rings so long but I wanted to put some other stuff in, so it took a bit longer than expected. She was running low on the homemade steak rub I gave her for Christmas a year or so ago, I wiped up a small batch and even had some of our old labels left. Hopefully she likes it! 

If you would like to see even more about my weekend, check out the vlog below! By the way, I have thought maybe I should break them up in different parts so it wouldn't be such a long weekend but I would love to hear your thoughts first! 

  • Update Chalkboard wall - Might even paint it again because we wash it so much. 
  • Finish grooming Gabby and Romeo
  • Plant roses!!! Something I just keep putting off. 
  • Finish my closet...photograph and film organizational video - edit - and upload
  • Jackson Dentist apt on Wednesday afternoon - no fun for him! 
  • Dr. apt for me on Thursday early afternoon....schedule switch - normally its on Wednesday. 
  • Figure out exactly what the kids schedules are going to be for the summer. 
  • Sort through makeup to mail off and try to get packages ready. Toss old makeup. 
  • Send out numerous thank you notes. 
  • Try new Julia Child Recipe...suggestion per youtube friend. Hope its good! 
  • Answer more emails and youtube comments. Sorry you guys... I know I suck at this.. but I get a lot that I have to respond to and sometimes I just don't have the time right away to do it. I am trying though. 
  • Work on herbs in the kitchen window. They need trimmed and some need re potted and it needs to happen soon. 
  • Sort through old magazines and either recycle or burn. The recycle guy hates heavy bins so maybe I should burn them in the backyard. Idk. 
  • Get in a hike with Super Cooper
I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed week...here is some inspiration to take a long with you! 

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