Thankful Thursday

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello friends! Happy Thursday to you all. Its been a busy day for me with appointments and such so I am kinda running late with everything! So here are the things I am am thankful for this week...hope you enjoy! 

♥  I am thankful that I finally got my closet done. I finished it up on Monday and it feels so much nicer going in there. It took a lot of time and work but it was totally worth it. 

♥ I am thankful to God for following right along with me as I wander on and off the path of my life. I am still trying to find my way, and I am blessed because you have always stayed with me. 

♥ I am thankful for Romeo. I know we have 4 cats but in my eyes there is only one king of the castle and its Romeo. He is simply magical. This kitty cat is the best gift my husband EVER got me. Anyone who comes into our home loves him the same. He is just the best cat I have ever had. I could seriously kiss and cuddle him all day long. 

♥  I am thankful for Jackson finishing up school this week. Its been a long year of homework, tests, and school issues. Finally, we get a break! - And yes, I said WE - Scott too! 

♥ I am thankful for a good nights sleep. Here lately, I have been doing a lot of tossing and turning but last night I was finally able to soundly sleep. 

♥ I am thankful to be almost done with my current book. This time it took a while to really get into it and read it but its nice having a little time to myself to sit down and read, which doesn't happen often. 

♥ I am thankful not be vlogging everyday. Slowing down has been a blessing. I was so use to doing it that the first week or two, I kinda felt lost at times but now I am totally loving it. Weekends and trips are enough. 

♥ I am thankful for the little moments through last week when I would sit outside just enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Being able to get fresh air on warm days makes me happy happy! 

♥ I am thankful that yesterday's Dentist for Jackson went well. His teeth look good and we are moving on to the braces faze. I am sure he won't like that but we are not giving him any choice so like it or not, hes going to have a gorgeous smile...He'll thank me later. 

♥  I am thankful I finally got all the animals around here trimmed up for summer. That also took days but they all seem cooler and happier. 

♥  I am thankful for good coffee. With the string of early appointments this week ( including tomorrow ), there is no way I would be able to get out the door without having some good coffee first. 

♥  I am thankful for Scott working so hard to make things better each day. Marriage is hard and I know my job is to love him the way he is instead of changing him. However, its really nice to see him taking a stand to make things the best they can be. 

♥ I am thankful for fresh simple food on these warmer days. I made a spring fruit salad that was so delicious...I dreamed about it one night. 

♥ I am thankful for a mom who always listens and tries her best to help my sister and myself. She really is a wonderful mom. 

♥ I am thankful for our ceiling fans. I am not a huge fan of air conditioning and the fans sure make all the difference on warm days. 

♥ I am thankful to be right here in South Carolina right now. This state is so beautiful. The weather is beautiful and the people are nice. The other day I was strolling around Walmart and was shocked at how nice people that day were. Everyone was saying hello and excuse me.. really being kind. I like it here. But I am not sure this is where I want to call home forever. I am still dreaming of life in the sunshine state again but maybe we are not suppose to be there right now. So this is home for now. 

♥  I am thankful for Jacksons teachers. They have really worked with him this past year. He had his ups and downs but they kept loving him. I couldn't ask for anything more. They really deserve a standing ovation. 

♥  I am so very thankful to you guys who come visit and sometimes send me the most touching messages. I love getting to know you and your families. You guys have made my heart grow and I am so very blessed for your friendships. Thank you . 

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed afternoon!                                      

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