Thankful Thursday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Its been a long while since I did a Thankful Thursday post. Life just takes over sometimes and I think it actually does me well to put down things I am thankful for. Otherwise I go through the hustle and bustle of the week and not really think about all the things I appreciate or thankful for. So here's this weeks list of what I am thankful for.  Hope you enjoy. 

Having such beautiful weather. We have been loving it so much. We have been enjoying being outside, taking care of the yard, firing up the grill...all things that make me so very thankful that winter is gone.

Jackson passing 5th grade. While we had little doubts that he would pass, the looming thoughts of summer school kept spinning around in my head. But he passed and will be moving on into 6th grade next year! Wooooo-hoooo! ( and no summer school! )

My mom is feeling better. Last week, she was sick and in the hospital but now everything is fine. I would be so lost without her so I am very very thankful she is ok.

Delicious Coffee. No joke. There is a huge difference to me between good coffee and bad coffee and I am so very thankful for that delicious cup that wakes me up every morning.

Scott working hard. I have to admit, I don't always enjoy his hours but he is such a hard worker. He stays busy even on his days off. His work ethic is undeniably amazing.

Finding a therapist that is actually teaching me how to look at things a little differently. Sometimes it just takes someone looking at a situation with a different point of view to really help. I am seeing things about myself a lot differently right now and have a lot to work on this week....starting with more empathy.

My planner. I have been keeping on a new schedule even better thanks to planning things out. I feel more accomplished than ever and have to give credit to having a nice planner to help keep me organized.

Healthy kids. I was at the Dr. with Jackson the other day and there were some really sick kids in the office. Some were in wheelchairs with feeding tubes, others were crying not feeling good. I was so thankful in that moment that all our kids are happy and healthy...which is really my only wish.

Feeling better from my accident. My ribs have pretty much healed ( I think! ) and I can finally sleep well again. I have never been someone to sleep on my back which drove me nuts for about 6 weeks. But now all things are well and I am finally able to sleep on my side again!

All the fresh flowers around the neighborhood. It really does make me feel so happy to see beautiful flowers blooming all over.

Learning a little more self control. I am " emotionally charged " ( per the therapist ) so I am trying to keep calm and shake things off better. I am a total work in progress.

This new blog design! I haven't paid for a blog design in a very long time but I love this one and really happy with the way it looks. It was totally worth the money.

My daughter who is so different from me. She is a straight A student who gives little to no trouble and its a shock that she came from MY body! But you know, she is not my clone..instead she is her own independent self who is also trying to find her way in this world too. I am thankful she is who she is.

Finding a new housesitter who is freaking awesome. She is a bit older at 61 but so far she has been the best. Its nice knowing that we now have someone who can come in and take care of things when we are gone. She's like a new friend and I am thankful for her help.

Jackson's giggles. Even when I am in the worst of moods listening to him laugh always makes me smile.

CNN....otherwise how I would know what is going on around the world?

God giving me another week. Who knows when our last day will be and I was blessed with yet another week to spend with my friends and family. Each day is precious.

YOU GUYS! I am always so shocked at how kind and loving you all are. I feel that I have made some amazing friendships through this blog. Not to mention on youtube channels. Thank you for spending a little out of your day to come visit our family. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Thursday!

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