Sunday Inspiration

Sunday, May 18, 2014
This is what I needed.
Good Morning Friends. I hope you are getting along with this beautiful morning. I am trying to get as much coffee in me as possible so I wake up and get all the things I want to do accomplished today. When I saw this quote a few days ago, I knew it fit my life perfectly right now. I have been working hard to find the peace that I was longing for. I am a planner and I am someone who thinks things should fall in place for my life to be more peaceful. But I have had more than my fair share of complicated days in the last month. I started having anxiety and I was feeling depressed often; which prompted me for a change. I shut the computer for days on end. I didn't take a picture or video of anything. I just seriously tried to disconnect and center myself. Now I am on a new schedule of sorts to help which includes more personal/spiritual time along with more family time. And life doesn't seem to be so complicated anymore. I have been cutting negativity out of my life and learning to accept that there are very few people in my life who's opinions really matter. I thought after years of blogging and just recently I got into making videos on youtube, I had a tough skin when it came to bad comments. And to be honest, I am not so tough. I hurt like anyone else and instead of letting that energy into my life I choose to ignore it and let it go. I think these experiences are teaching me so much. I am learning self control more than ever which God knows I need help with.   But I am working on it daily. I am also learning to not let anyone steal my happiness. . All lessons I thought I already learned. 

{ Guess I needed a refresher. }

Thanks to therapy w/ Scott,  I am just learning to handle things differently. I know God keeps giving the same lessons over and over until your soul learns and grows. I am still a work in progress but I am trying and each day seems a little brighter! 

Have a beautiful Sunday.