Saturday Randoms..

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Hello friends, I hope you are getting on with this weekend day. I am not moving so fast today. Yesterday, once I started...I never stopped until I finally fell into the bed. So, today I am starting my day a little more easy.  I also started late yesterday but accomplished soooooo much!  The weather is pretty chilly today not helping motivate me to get up and do anything. I am just enjoying CNN and a cup of delicious coffee thinking about my day. 
 Anyway, I thought I would take a few minutes and put some of my random Saturday thoughts down.. hope you enjoy. 

So what do you guys think about the new blog design. I mentioned it a little in Friday Letters but I love it. I love how simple it is and plan on keeping it this way for a very very long while. I know it may be harder to find things you are looking for so feel free to use the search button in the → right side bar. →  and if you still can't find something you are looking for, just let me know and I will try to help! Also if you have any suggestions about the new design, feel free to email me. :) I sure hope you like it! 

I have a ton of little projects I am trying to get done around the house. I got my desk cleaned out and organized yesterday ( which I intend on filming ) and even got a closet cleaned out too. It feels good getting things done that has been waiting on me.

In just a couple of weeks, Jackson will be wanting to head back up to his dads for the summer. Is it bad of me to not want him to go? I think I am going to get my ex husband to meet us half way so we don't have to make that long drive again but I am going to miss him so much! 
I am so sorry if you have emailed me and I haven't replied yet. Honestly, there are ton and its hard to keep up sometimes. Not to mention the comments on everything. I am sending out a few emails a day but if you haven't received a response by the end of next week, you might want to send another email. God only knows how many emails have disappeared into the lost email void!
I finally got my bed off the floor. With breeding cats, having your bed up just gives them a place to hide..where you can't really check on the kittens so I just had it straight on the floor. Now that the Cattery is bed is back up. Its so much higher than what I am use to. Last night I was scared I was going to fall out! But it felt like sleeping on a cloud. 

Some time today I have got to get my purse cleaned out. There are probably some little creatures living in it. After our trip up North, it has a ton of random stuff that doesn't really belong in there to begin with.

I took down the Sponsor Page on here. I just don't really want to do all that or try to keep up with it. However, I still LOVE swapping buttons. Just shoot me an email or leave me a comment, and we can switch buttons! Its a great way to get new readers! 

I have a bunch of new organizational videos coming up. I figured I would do one zone cleaning video a month and on the other weeks, we will get back to organizing. We are going to be organizing the closets, desks, car, and so much more. Stay tuned!
Scott has seriously been getting on my nerves at night. He sleeps in the guest room because of his loud snoring plus our hours are so different but he leaves the door open and then complains that I am too loud. Ummmmm...there is a easy fix Mr. Jaggers....SHUT YOUR DOOR!

Its about time to do my hair again. I never thought I would go lighter on my hair again sure covers/blends in with the grey so much better. Its crazy, if I let it be...the entire top of my head would be grey. At 38, it totally sucks. 
The Pioneer Woman is making me super hungry right now! I love most of her recipes but her lasagna is another story. Click here to see what I am talking about. My lasagna is seriously 10x better. 
I watched the Invisible Woman last night. Have any of you seen it? Its a period piece about the strange and complicated relationship between Charles Dickens and how a woman changed everything. But they had to keep their relationship a secret....hence The Invisible Woman. I think I will have to do a movie review on it soon. Speaking of movie reviews...I have fallen behind on them but I plan on starting them right back up very soon! 
I have already started grooming all the kitty cats around here. I just have one more to go and who knows.. today might just be the day. With Persians, their hair is so thick and they have to be brushed out often but since its summer, I broke out the clippers. I trimmed all their bellies and I know they already feel better. Plus it helps keep the hair problem down. 
After being gone last weekend, I have been playing catch up all around the house and in my planner. Its amazing how 1 long weekend away, changes the schedule so much. I am still not caught up on all the household stuff but one day at a time right!?
I am still decorating the house a year after we moved in. Things have just lived in the garage and spare bedroom and I just left them there. Yesterday I stayed busy hanging things up but I have so much more to do! Its crazy how much nicer the house looks with wall decor! :)
Jackson is being so quiet wouldn't even know he was in the house. Part of me wants to push him out the door to play and another part of me likes him being home. What gives!?
Have any of you watched the Tori Spelling Reality Show? I am not a regular viewer but I watched a little bit and let me just say.. I feel so sorry for her. I would totally kick his ass out and move on. For me, a youtuber and was a bit much. I think some of those issues should remain private. I have no idea how they are going to work through everything but doing it in front of the cameras, only makes it harder. Take it from me...I know. 
A sure sign of spring/summer is the fly buzzing around my head right now. I hate flies. HATE THEM. And I have resorted in those trashy fly strips to catch some. I also bought some raid and sprayed all around the house yesterday. I wish they would all just stay outside! 
Speaking of outside, you know there is a lot of upkeep on a house that Scott and I often fail to do. I noticed the other day at the bottom gutter where the water comes out is filled with leaves. Yea.. that's not good. Plus there are a ton of leaves around the air conditioner which might be preventing it from working as well as it could. Either I have to do them or stay on Scott's ass to use the little free time he has to do it. Wish me luck. 
Its been a huge job trying to change things on this blog and my youtube channels. But there is more to it than just slapping on a new name. There are a ton of social media sites along with so much more than have to be changed too. I knew things would change that why I registered my domain under - so I could change the name anytime. Well now the name of this blog is simply - - which I! 
I am going to be putting up a video on my vlog channel within a couple of days of what we have been eating. I use to show it when I vlogged daily but I am not doing that anymore. I am enjoying vlogging just on the weekends though. Its a change but I love it. I have had so much spare time to do other things.:) But stay tuned for menu ideas coming up soon! And a bunch of new recipes too. 
I have really been relaxing and trying to enjoy my day more with a camera and without being online all the time. However, I still look for freebies and will post them anytime day or night. I am such a free sample junkie. In fact, I found a new website where you can buy cheap samples which I intend on doing a video on in the coming week! I love trying new things and I also love having small items for my purse and travel. Check back often if you like them too because they always always go fast. 
Scott wants to go out on a date tonight. We have both been very tired and kinda grumpy over the last couple of nights so going out tonight will be nice. I sure don't have to cook, and I love that!  Hopefully we have a nice night out. ♥
Our yard looks the worst in the neighborhood. We can't seem to get the guy to come out here on any kind of schedule. I think its time we fire his ass and find someone new. Our neighbors are going to start getting mad if we don't get it cut soon. Its looks awful and my patience is running thin. I am trying to get Scott to just suck it up and go buy a riding lawn mower and do it himself. 
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.. Its time to get busy! I'll be back in a bit.