Indiana/Kentucky Travel Vlog - Part 4 - Graduation & Home

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello friends! I am back with the last Indiana/ Kentucky Travel Vlog. We feel so blessed to have been able to go up to our hometowns and actually enjoy ourselves at our own pace. Normally when we go up, its run here, there and everywhere in a very short amount of time. Making it very exhausting. We did get kinda tired towards the end, but this trip was so much more relaxed. If you want to check out our last day, enjoy the vlog  below.. and more pictures and info below. 

We had to fit in all the kids at different times. Laura graduated on Monday so we didn't see her or the kids until Sunday when we went to the museum and dinner. Then Monday we got cleaned up and checked out of our Bed and Breakfast to go watch her graduate with her Bachelors Degree in Marketing. 

The weather was not too forgiving but that sure didn't stop Scott from being proud. I am also very proud of her because it takes a lot to go to school when you have 2 young babies at home...with another on the way! It was such a sweet moment in time.. 1 down...3 more to go! Neither nor Scott, myself or even her mom can take any credit for all her hard work. She did it on her own and I am sure the next chapter of her life will even better than what it already has been. ♥