Goodbye 5th Grade...HELLO SUMMER!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. It was a early morning for me so I am kinda moving slower today. Today was the last day of school for Jackson. I think its bitter sweet for him. I know he is going to miss a few of his friends but I also know he is glad its over. He has a very busy summer ahead of him. We had to be there super early for awards and after the big award ceremony, we had to go into the classroom for more individual awards. I was pretty sleepy in the first half but it was nice seeing his teachers one last time and kinda say goodbye to the school.  It wasn't always easy for Jackson this past year but his teachers put a lot of work into helping him and getting him to actually learn the material. I couldn't be more grateful. 

Here's a quick video of Jackson's class...

One of Jackson's teachers, Mrs Strickland put that together for us all which was really sweet. All the kids are growing up so fast and now moving on to 6th grade! 

I can't believe we are through with this school year. For some reason, this year seemed to pass quick for us. Jackson will be heading up north in about a week to spend the summer with his dad. I don't know what our house is going to be like without him for so long but I hope he makes a ton of great summer memories and then comes home and breezes through the 6th grade! 

Happy Friday! 

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