Friday Letters!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful morning. Here's this weeks edition of Friday Letters.

Dear God, Here we are. Another week. You surely have been with me this entire time. I am thankful for getting older and having a little more wisdom than stupidity. But believe me... on my most stupid days, I need you the most. Dear Jackson, you did it baby boy! You made it through 5th grade! I am so very proud of you. We are going to miss you a lot this summer but have a great time at your dads. You deserve it. Dear Scott, sorry I made you mad yesterday. I was tired and didn't want to get the gas. It didn't effect anything because you weren't even going to mow the yard anyway. Hopefully you feel better today. I still love you though! :) Dear United States, I shouldn't have to keep saying it but here is another perfect example of needed gun control. How many times does this have to keep happening? I didn't grow up in a time of kids shooting schools up or killing their parents. Its really scary to actually see the progression myself to what we have changed to. Its not good and we all should be taking a stand before more kids and innocent people die. Dear Morning, I am not so fond of you today. I have been waiting days to sleep in...maybe tomorrow it happen! Dear Jordan, tomorrow is your 18th birthday. The years have passed by so fast. No matter what you think, I really do miss you. I wish you were around and I hope you have a great birthday. Dear Mom, I haven't talked to you much here lately but I hope you are doing good and enjoying watching you bamboo grow. Dear Purse, you are seriously a garbage bin right now. I need to clean you out asap otherwise, if something goes in you... I doubt I will ever find it again. Dear Brittany Belle, I hope you have a great summer at Cheer-leading Camp but not having you around this summer is going to be so weird. I am trying to respect you being your own person but its hard. I miss you and will see you next weekend when we drop Jackson off. Dear Cooper, I hope your hip pills are helping. I hate to see you get older but I guess its just life. I still need to get Scott to get you a new big doggie bed! Hopefully soon you will have a new fluffy pillow to sleep on. Dear Trina, Sorry you had a hard few days. I hope you are feeling better now and remember we are always here for you. Dear Desk, we are suppose to work together today so I can go through mail and pay bills but its either happening much later today or its getting pushed into tomorrow. I am just too sleepy to do it today. Dear Mrs. Strickland & Mrs Shubeck, Thank you so much for all you did with Jackson this past year. He learned so much from you both everyday and I couldn't appreciate it more. Thank you and we will all miss you guys. Dear Laci, sorry it took a while to get your box off. You should be getting it soon. I decided to wait and add a few extra things that I bet you will like! Be sure to let me know when you get it. I love and miss you. And don't forget, you can always call if you need something. Dear Family, for some reason I have been wanting either a little hamster or maybe even a bird. I am pretty sure that the cats would think either was lunch so I have waited. But I walked past a beautiful African Grey the other day and it might just have to move in soon. :) Dear School Awards Ceremony, I have never seen so many poofy heads of hair in my life. Not even in church have I seen so many high hair do's stiff as a brick with hairspray at 8am. I must be a really plain person because I could never wear my hair like that. But you women impress me because it had to take hours to do! That's dedication for ya! Dear Shanna, Sorry we haven't talked as much this past week. I am just so tired right now but I miss you and promise we will talk more over the weekend! Dear House, I have no idea how you stayed picked up this week but its Friday and you still look pretty good...thank goodness because that means less work later. Dear blog/youtube friends, I hope you all had a wonderful week. I know that I have emails waiting on me to respond and hopefully this weekend I will get all caught up. Thank you guys so much for sharing your life with me. I love getting to know you and your friendships mean the world to me.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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