Friday Letters

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear God, Thank you for all the lessons you are sending my way. Life is getting a little better each day and I have you to thank for it. Dear Cooper, I think today is the day you are getting a new haircut. Its going to be a huge job but I think you will feel so much better with all that hair gone. I am just not looking forward to such a big job. Dear Brittany, School is coming to an end! I am so proud of you for doing a good job. I miss you so much and hope you are taking care of all those new clothes we got you! Dear Jimmy Kimmel, I got a huge laugh from this VIDEO..what a great way to make fun of some really ridiculous comments. Dear Mom, your chalkboard wall looks so much better now! Glad you are feeling better and starting to get back with your routine. Dear Scott, Thanks for all the yard work you have been doing. The yard looks so good! I hope you are ready for our couples massage in a couple days which is going to so amazing...I cant wait! Dear Daily Mail, Its articles like this one that make me read you! I love seeing what my state is searching for on google...Nudiest Colonies, really? ( Click HERE to see what your state searches the most on google for! ) Dear Jackson, I hope you have a wonderful time on your field trip...but I am going to worry about you till you are back home. Remember your manners at all times. Dear Shanna, You are sure going to have a bunch of busy days with Erics Graduation and Emmies first communion. Just hang in there... you will get through it all and you will be able to spend some extra time with your family! Dear Kim Kardashian, I could care less about your upcoming wedding but I have to admit...I am sure jealous about it happening at Château de Versailles, I would have loved to get married where Marie Antoinette wandered the hauls. Dear Trina, Sorry I didn't hear the phone ring last night when you called back. I was just calling to say hi and catch up. Its nothing that can't wait till the weekend. Dear American Idol, I was kinda dissapointed when Caleb won...I seriously thought Jena was better. I just don't get how screaming a song is singing? Maybe I am getting old! Dear Grandma, You just keep moving here, there and everywhere. I hope you find somewhere and settle in. We just want you to be happy. I miss you. Dear Facebook Friends, I have been slowly deleting people that I don't remember or who I don't really talk to. And sorry...that includes a few family members too. Everyone is welcome to follow my facebook fan page but I don't think everyone needs access to my private facebook any longer. Sorry...and if I deleted you and you are upset about it, please email me and we can talk about it. Dear Don Johnson, I watched you on The View today and gosh.. you totally still have it! Dear Romeo, you also need a kitty hair cut in the coming days....which I am sure will make you feel better on these hot days. Get ready! Dear Dad, I think of you so much. Our relationship is still real to me and I know your looking down watching everything....and I put those cowboy movies on for you so I am hoping you are watching them. Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, I hope you had a great week...thank you for coming here and spending a few minutes of your day with us. I love hearing from you all and you guys are some of the best bloggy and youtube friends a girl could ask for. Have a great Friday!

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