Friday Letters

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you are having a lovely day.. here's another edition of Friday letters. Hope you enjoy. 

Dear God, We made it through another week together. Thank you for keeping us safe during our travels. As you saw, my panic attacks in the car are no joke so if you could would be so appreciated! Dear Body, you are feeling tired and heavy. I guess yesterday was just a long day but I need to start taking better care of you. Dear Mom, You will be happy to know that I have been working extra hard on not using the f word! Ha! I was so worried about you when you were sick. Soooo happy you are feeling better. Dear Jackson, I am so proud of you doing better in school. I knew you could do it! I love you.  Dear Bad Ass Kitty Cat, The video that I watched of you protecting that child from that terrible dog just made me proud to be a kitty cat owner! My hat is totally off to you! Dear Scott, Thank you for driving us most of time during our trip up North. I had a great time and I think you did too! Summer is coming! :) Dear Barbara Walters, You are really going to be missed everyday on The View. I can't believe you are freaking 83 years old. You are iconic. Dear Brittany Belle, I am so glad that I got to wrap my arms around you when we were home. I love you so much otherwise I would flip out about you living with your dad! You are growing up way too fast on me. Dear Shanna, I think you need to start eating more. You looked wayyyy to thin to me when I saw you. Now I am totally worried about you. Dear Blog, I have changed you up again but this time to a much simpler clean design! Lets hope everyone likes it! Dear Trina, I sure enjoyed seeing you last weekend. I am pretty sure I would be knocking on your door OFTEN if we lived there! Your dinner was really good too...thank you! Dear Solange, I know this is probably the wrong thing to say but I kinda liked watching you flip out on Jay Z. I am sure there are a ton of people around who kiss his ass except YOU.  No matter how wrong it was, he probably needed it. Dear Dad, I was by the house when we were up there. I took one look at it and tons of memories came rushing back. I know you are ok on the other side, but could you spare a little time to come visit me in my dreams? I miss you...everyday. Dear Chalkboard Wall, I have got to get you cleaned off today. I love drawing and writing on you but I don't like cleaning you afterwards! But you are on my to do list today. Dear Vicki, I am not so sure that I am going to be able to make it to the baby shower but I promise I will send gifts. I wish we could come up for it but I know your Uncle is not going to want to make that trip again so soon. Really sorry but maybe after the baby is here, you and your mom can come for a visit! Dear Laura, We had such a good time with you last weekend! You are so adorable..and we are so very proud of you!  Dear Sleep, I would like just ONE MORNING when I bounce out of the bed feeling wonderful. I know I am tired a lot because of my wacked out schedule but you need to come around more often. Dear Grey's Anatomy, I am sooooo very much going to miss Christina. I had tears running down my face last night watching but Shonda Rhymes, she should have ended up with Burke instead of taking his job. Take note please!! Put them back together! Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, I first want to say that I am sorry for taking such a long time to reply to emails. I know its kinda pathetic but it is taking about a week for me to get them answered. We were gone, and then once we got back home, its been crazy just trying to get our lives back to normal. - And I am still not done - but I promise to get back to you asap. I am not ignoring anyone on purpose. Thank you so much for coming back to this blog and my youtube channels and letting us be a part of your life if even only for a couple minutes a day. I love getting to know you guys too. :) 

Have a great weekend!