Friday Letters

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you are having a lovely day.. here's another edition of Friday letters. Hope you enjoy. 

♥ Dear God, please please keep us safe during travels. I fully know anything can happen at any time but please surround us with angels. I just want to get there and back home with my family in one piece. I know I have fallen asleep before praying a few nights this past week, but you see everything anyway and I am pretty sure you already know my feelings. Hopefully night I can stay awake long enough to talk to you. 

♥ Dear Brittany, you just have to stop growing up so fast on us. We are so not ready for it. You have to learn to control your temper.. and believe will never be easy but I do expect good manners and for you to act like a lady. Can't wait to see you! 

♥ Dear Cooper, I feel so bad watching you limping around. I am going to talk your dad into that $200 orthopedic dog bed. I think hes worried you won't snuggle with him but I do see your pain and kinda feel it too. Hopefully with the new meds, vitamins, food, and fancy bed will help. 

♥ Dear Kevin Durant, Boy.. You are seriously a class act. You were such a gentlemen and your speech including your mother, was so touching. I really hope my kids are as loving and appreciative as you are. 

♥ Dear Scott, Thank you for trying. I know things are not perfect.. I am sure I could be a better wife and I am working on it as you are working to become a better husband. Life is full of complications, surprises, and I really hope that the best is yet to come. 

♥ Dear Jackson, You know I am going to be so worried about you while you are at your dads. I just want you to have a fun time and be safe. REMEMBER TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

♥ Dear Stolen Girls of Nigeria, I am so disgusted at what is happening in your country that I think we should stand up and help you. Its total evil that is running through the kidnappers. There is no rationing things out. There should be no talking. This time bullets should be used and we should bring you home. You are so in my prayers. #bringbackourgirls

♥ Dear Shanna, Thank you so much for being a great friend to me. I can't wait to see you and Emmie. I don't care how the house is.. just make sure to have coffee! :)

♥ Dear Dad, I am coming to see you...well, your final resting place that is. I know you are not there but instead you live inside me. But I am going to stop by just to maybe feel that connection with you even more. 

♥ Dear Larua, We are so proud of you. I can't wait to see you and the girls in just a day or two! We will have a great time at the zoo! 

♥ Dear Mom, I love you so much. Happy Early Mothers Day. I am amazed at how much our relationship has grown over the years. Thank you for always loving and supporting me. 

♥ Dear Car, I have to admit driving around with the top down is so nice. Its like the ultimate sun roof and I love it except on the highways. I am still scared to go fast down a highway or road with no top on my car. Hopefully in time that fear goes away. However, I have got to find a way to get you back up without so much damn trouble! 

♥ Dear Trina, Can't wait to see you Saturday night! It should be a great time. 

♥ Dear Donald Sterling, You have got to learn to keep quiet. I can't believe that you were tapped again. I do not agree with your thoughts BUT you should sue the hell out of that bitch who set you up. Seriously dude.. start acting like the FBI is tapping everything and take precautions. And you probably should apologize for what you said. 

♥ Dear Grandma, I will be seeing you in a day or two and I am so nervous. We use to talk 10x a day and now I am not even sure you will know who I am. But I love you and I can't wait to see you. 

♥ Dear Old Louisville, I am going to be calling you home for the next few days. There was simply no way in hell, I would stay on the other side of the river. Please be good to us. 

♥ Dear Don Lemon, I seriously wish we could clone you. Your my favorite CNN Anchor.. beating out Mr. Anderson Cooper. I totally wish you were on all the time! 

♥ Dear Romeo and Cupcake, You guys are seriously two of the coolest cats and I know you are ready for us to shave your bellies for the warmer days. I promise we will get to it after we get back. Please don't pee all over the house because we had to leave you. The lady staying with you is super nice so I am hoping you guys won't be too temperamental.

♥ Dear the Daily Mail, I loved reading this article. I always love seeing what others eat! Scott liked it too! 

♥ Dear Laci, I know you are going to kill me but I doubt I will have your package shipped off until after I get back. Promise to have it out as soon as we get back home. 

♥ Dear Blog and Youtube Friends, I know I have been so off schedule here lately but I am working on getting things back to normal. HOWEVER, we are leaving for Indiana in just a few hours so I am afraid the schedule will still be messed up for a few days. I should be vlogging through our trip and I also have a Travel Series that I have been working on too. So far I got a travel haul up and also a travel food haul up. Next, I will show you how I pack for a small trip, How I pack my Jewelry, Hotel Room Organization...all of which are coming up on my main channel very soon! I doubt that I will be uploading the daily vlogs until I get back home but I have a lot I want to share with you! Thank you guys for being understanding during this complicated time in our lives. We are doing much better and I have been loving not vlogging daily but stay tuned....lots is coming up! 

I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend! 

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