Easy & Delicious Crockpot Meatball Sliders Recipe | VIDEO |

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello friends! I am back with another simple yet delicious crockpot meal. These little sliders are perfect for any week night dinner, or as an appetizer and they are also great for game day! I made fresh meatballs but you could certainly use frozen too.  Also my crockpot cooks high and fast so these took only about 3 hours total and then I just kept it on warm until everyone got home and ate. These are super easy to make..everything you need to know is in the video. The full recipe is below! 

Thanks for watching! I would love to know what your favorite meatball recipe is, if you would like to share, let me know below! 
Here's the Recipe


 Frozen Meatballs or you can make fresh as I did...either which one works great 
1 Jar Smucker’s Concord Grape Jelly 18ox
1 Bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce 12 oz.
Slider Buns - I like the Sweet Hawaiian slider buns
Slices of Cheese - I prefer Provolone 


Either make your meatballs one by one and add them to the crockpot or add a bag of frozen meatballs.
Combine the Grape Jelly and Chili Sauce in a bowl, then stir.
Cover the meatballs, and put the lid on. 
Heat on high for 3- 4 hours, stirring occasionally. Let simmer on low.
Transfer meatball to a slider bun, then top with cheese.


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