Weekend in Review April 11- April 14 w/ Videos & Vlogs

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello friends! We are back around to another Monday. I am not so sure if all of us are happy about it or not, but its here anyway. Its kinda overcast here today in South Carolina. I am not in a huge hurry to do anything today. However,  I do have some cleaning to get done later plus I want to film my Monday Mail but besides that.. today is going to be easy peasy! 


Friday was spent running errands, shopping and visiting husby. I am back to driving myself around town in my new little bug however, at times I still get nervous. The car accident was in no way my fault but it still makes me nervous a bit. So I just put on my seatbelt and puttered a long at slow speeds. I also made it to see Scott at the dealership. He was a busy boy packaging up deals to send off. He stays busy...no wonder he's always tired when he comes home. Since I had a busy day of shopping and such I didn't want to make anything big for dinner. Instead we went with homemade steak quesadilla's that were super fast and simple to make. The boys LOVED them and I loved that it wasn't that much work! 


Saturday showed up and was much more easy going than Friday. Jackson was home... and on that damn xbox all day while I stayed busy with a little Easter shopping, and then I filmed a couple of videos. It wasn't a huge productive day. I did make some amazing apple chips ( video below )  which the boys and I love. They are so much healthier that a bag of ruffles and so tasty! 

For dinner I made this amazing spring like dinner that was soooooo good. 

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with asparagus in a creamy sauce. Its one of my families most favorite spring and summer one skillet meals. I did record it and will be sharing it with you guys in the coming days! 


The boys woke up before the sun came out to go tee off at 8am. I so would not enjoy any activity that got me out of the bed that early. No thank you. But the boys were excited to go out and enjoy some golf. That allowed me to wake up to a quiet house which I do enjoy most mornings. I just don't bounce out of the bed in a happy mood and I never really like talking much in the mornings either. So I had some coffee, woke up and before I knew it, the boys were home! I had just enough time to wake up and enjoy the news before the house got loud. It was such a pretty day that we had to turn the air on both floors and I took time to get the back patio cleaned up. I allowed the kitty cats out there with me for a bit but they are never left alone. And if they look like they are about to get off the porch, they come right back in. I also got busy around the house trying to get some of my weekly cleaning done. If we don't have big plans on Sunday, I will normally start early so I have less to do on Monday. 

I ended my night reading more of The Shack. I am still waiting to get into the nitty gritty of the book but so far its pretty good. Can't wait to move on through it. My mom read it and loved it so I am hoping to feel the same once I have finished it! :)


Bi Weekly Household Shopping Haul: Normally I do this kind of shopping every two weeks with the exception of a few things. This way we don't have to keep running aback and forth to the store when we are having a busy week. 

Delicious & Healthy Homemade Apple Chips: These are such a wonderful treat to have around the house especially if you have children. These are sweet enough to keep them coming back for more. 

Spring 2014 Jewelry & Fashion Haul: I had posted this haul just a week or so ago but I did more shopping with my husband on our wedding anniversary. It was a lot of fun and I thought I would share what I picked out with you all! 


Errands: I take you along with me as I putter around town getting my errands done along with everything else I got into. 

Top Down: It was so pretty Saturday that I decided to go out and about in my new car. I am not a huge fan of driving around in a convertible but it was rather nice. The rest of the day was spent with the boys having a wonderful evening; having a very tasty dinner. 

Easy Going Day! : Sunday rolled around and it was another beautiful day. I took the time to get the house picked up along with the deck and just had a wonderful time with my two boys. I love them so much. Jackson has been on spring break all this past week and he was enjoying his last day of freedom before school started back up today. 

I am starting to feel better. All day on Sunday, Scott was telling me to slow down and take it easy before I over did it. I was starting to feel more like myself again and was in no way slowing down. However, I was cocky and just jumped into bed to go asleep and boy did it hurt. I think after I am all healed up, I might come back and do a video about how to deal with broken ribs. Sleeping is an art form all within itself. No joke. It just reminded me, to take it a little more easy because my body is still healing. 

  • Call Jackson's Dr. in just a bit for prescription refills
  • Finish Weekly Cleaning 
                       - Clean boys bathroom
                       - Strip beds and wash bedding
                       - Vacuum 1st & 2nd Floor
                       - Scoop Cat boxes
                       - Do a quick pick up of the frig.. it really needs it.
                       - Dust Quickly
                       - Gather up all trash and old mail and get rid of it.
  • Film - Edit - Publish Monday Mail. I had planned on recording Sunday but time ran out!
  • Dentist..Dentist..Dentist.. apts for the entire family. Gotta remember to make those apts this week!
  • Go back to care.com to look for a housekeeper. Why is this job so damn hard?
  • Figure out what flowers I want to buy for the yard! Going shopping on Wednesday! 
  • Start figuring out what the menu is going to be when mom and my sister come next week. 
  • Go through and pay the bills. I HATE THIS JOB. Just watching the bank account go down makes me want to cry. 
  • Have a long ♥ to ♥  with little Jackson about hiding my stuff....something he likes to do when he gets upset. Last night I spent 45 minutes looking for my remote. I seriously wanted to kick his butt! 
  • Update chalkboard wall
  • Work on Zone Cleaning Video

For just a moment I want to mention that we here in the Jaggers family are praying for the Jewish families who were targeted in that horrific hate crime yesterday. I don't understand such hate. I will never understand it. Our world is going crazy and we all need to calm down and remember we are in this together... and don't forget to pray. We lift you in our prayers. ♥

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