* Rainy Day Thoughts*

Saturday, April 19, 2014

♥ This weather is totally depressing. For 2 days straight we have had cold wet weather. But as you can see its suppose to get back to normal tomorrow! 

SunApr 20

AM Clouds / PM Sun
AM Clouds / PM Sun

MonApr 21

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

TueApr 22

Scattered T-Storms
Scattered T-Storms

WedApr 23


♥ Jackson says I am grumpy....nope, he's just grounded and don't like me saying no to him! 

♥ I am totally watching Marie Antoinette AGAIN. God knows I have seen this movie more times that I can count but its the perfect rainy day movie! 

♥ I have a long letter I have to type up today or tonight that I am not looking forward to one bit. I should have had it done by now. Scott actually said he would help write it so maybe I should let him. 

♥ Scotts birthday is next Saturday!!!!! I still have some birthday shopping to do and I also have his massage to get ordered too. He is taking that day off to go play golf with Don & Brian. It should be a fun day! 

♥ I finally got the Easter Chalkboard done. :) You can have a peak at it on my Facebook fan page if your interested! 

♥ I need to edit some videos but I have totally enjoyed taking off the past few days. 

♥ I have seriously thought about ending the daily vlogs. I am not sure if its something I want to continue doing on a daily basis or not. Some days I just don't want to have a camera in my hand. 

♥ I will probably be picking mom and Don up at the airport this next Wednesday and I have warned them about the bug being small and to pack light. Yea... should be interesting. I sure hope she listens to me. 

♥ How can we have dishes in the sink when we ate pizza last night? No matter how they got there, they are waiting on me... and they might have to wait a bit longer! 

♥ Maybe I should know this but is it cheaper to get a big ham before Easter or after? We are having Easter late this year, so I am not sure when is the best time to buy a ham. Hummmm.....If you know, please leave it in the comments below! 

♥ I ordered the cutest luggage tags yesterday. Right now on Shutterfly you can get a free luggage tag but you have to pay shipping. So I got one for free and paid for the 2nd. 

Scott picked out the picture and all our contact info is on the back! If your interested in this deal for yourself click HERE! And don't forget to use BAGTAG at check out to get the deal. The shipping and handling was around $4.99. And you could totally use these for the kids backpacks or lunchboxes! Can't wait for them to come in! 

♥  I am thinking about doing a review on the phone I received a while back. I am in shock I like it so much! 

♥ I know there are some sites out there with hate information about me. I hope you figure out for yourself if you like me or not. Remember, don't believe everything you read. I am use it to at this point. I don't expect everyone to like me. Hell, there are tons of people I don't like. I totally understand either which way. 

♥ I am going to be trying out some of Avons Bath and Body products for spring. Any suggestions before I place the order? 

♥ I made our Easter Basket already and the bad thing is....I hid it in my bedroom. Guess what...I have been going on a candy binge every night since! Hope I don't have to go buy more candy for tomorrow! 

♥ I need to go to Walmart. And since I have started on this blog post, I have got dressed and cleaned up. I just hate the idea of having to go out in this weather. 

♥ I made friends with one of the neighbors. And she is going to start house sitting for us. She is 61 and even offered to push mow our big yard for $60. And I know she would come clean if I paid her but its hard letting a 61 year old do those things. Scott said absolutely no to the yard work and I don't she would survive long trying to keep the house cleaned up after our messy asses. But I am so thankful she will be coming to take care of the pets and plants. 

♥ Scott just called and said the dealership is packed. Who buys a car in this weather!???? But that means, there's a good chance he's going to have to work late. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I miss him so much when hes gone. 

♥ Have you guys seen my Easter Centerpiece?? Check it out..                                                                        Its super easy to make and just in case you still need to make something before tomorrow you might want to try this. You will need some kind of trifle dish or vase and you can either use a real tulip or fake one. Mine is real and I got it from Walmart for like $10.   I put the plant in first.. I left it in the wrapper so when I watered it, the candy would stay dry. The I sprinkled jelly beans around the edges until it was full and then I added the cute little peeps to the top. It looks amazing on the table and it was so easy. And you know we will eat those jelly beans! So if you need a centerpiece or this would also work GREAT for a hostess gift!                                                                                                      ♥  My ribs are finally starting to feel better. I can pretty much do everything I did before the accident with the exception of sleeping. I normally sleep on my sides and for the past 3 weeks I have had to sleep flat on my back. It totally sucks and I wonder how long it will be before it changes. I am just thankful I wasn't hurt too badly in that wreck. 

♥ I am so in love with our cat Romeo that I totally want to clone him. Every person who comes into the house, wants to cuddle with him. Did you guys hear of the house cat that sent his owners to the hospital? Check out this story to read all about it. Its kinda funny but not funny if you know what I mean! 

♥ I am so very proud of my daughter Brittany. She made the 8th grade cheer-leading team!  She has been doing it for a while now and while we had no doubts that she would make it, she sure was worried! She is growing up so fast and I know she is probably the best thing I have ever done. She doesn't crack a book open but makes straight A's. She doesn't get into trouble much and she is smarter than I was at the same age. I am so very proud of her. This year instead of spending her entire summer here with me, she is going off to cheer camp. It made me tear up at first... but she is getting older and wants to do other things than hang out with her mom! I love you Brittany Belle! 

♥ I watched ( or tried to watch ) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night. I fell asleep in the last 45 minutes of the movie. But I will have to say.... save your money and wait until is free. It sucked.

♥ I need to figure out a nice gift to get Jackson's teachers before the end of the year. God knows they have earned it. I just have no idea what to get them. Maybe nice gift certificates to a restaurant just to say thank you. 

♥ I cannot believe I am running the heat today. Just when I thought we would get that big ass bill down, it gets cold again. What is going on with our planet? 

♥ My mother in law passed away today 6 years ago today. She is so very missed. I loved her a lot and I am so grateful for the time we had together. RIP Catherine. 

♥ I am so lucky to have a generous husband. He works so hard and comes home and gives me extra spending money night after night. Truth is.. he doesn't care about money much. He just wants to make the people he loves happy. Until forever ends, I will love him. 

♥ The rain has finally stopped and I am going to head out. I don't know how long I will have before it starts up again but I want to get it done. Little Jackson said he was coming but unless his butt has had a shower, I am not taking him! What do you want to bet, he hasn't. 

♥ I will be back later with yesterday's vlog and I should be back tomorrow too but I want to wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter. 

♥ Its such a beautiful time of year regardless of the weather. It would be a shame to take a second and look around at the beauty of spring! 

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4 comments on "* Rainy Day Thoughts*"
  1. I know it is a lot to keep up with and would completely understand if you stopped doing your daily vlogs but I do enjoy them. Maybe, if you want to cut back you could do one a week as a weekly recap? Just an idea.
    Have a wonderful Easter. It has been beautiful here, but tomorrow I think we are supposed to get it with rain.

  2. I love your daily blogs but I completely understand. Maybe once a week would be easier. Have a blessed Easter. Jackson get in the shower !!!! :)

  3. I am a fairly new follower and I enjoy your blogs, vlogs, and your youtube channel. You are open, honest, and fun! I hope you keep up your vlogs, but I know a lot of other folks who only do it 2-3-4 times a week - basically whenever they feel like it. I enjoy the vlogs a lot but it shouldn't be a burden to you.....maybe just cut back a bit. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I love your daily vlogs and to be honest I would hate to see them go but I can imagine about the having a camera in your hand every day im sure it gets to be a pain...


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