Mr. Easter Bunny Has Arrived! Glam Gossip Vlog April 19, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope your having a wonderful day. I am back with another vlog for you guys. I have received a lot of emails about me saying I was thinking about slowing down the vlogs so I thought before this video I would explain my thinking on that. First off, I do enjoy it most of the time. I pretty much share what I want and I don't have a camera in my face every moment of the day. But there are times when it just isn't that fun. Being home all the time is not that exciting and I want to share new and interesting things with you all. I talk with Scott about everything. He likes the vlogs on a whole. He really does but its not because of why you might think. He likes having a Jaggers family diary or sorts. He watches them everyday himself and told me to do what feels right but he likes them. So I don't think I will end them right now. It was just a passing thought. I love you guys but these vlogs are really like a diary of our lives that we do for us. Sharing them is just something extra. And I have totally made some amazing relationships with many of you which is just a total bonus! Anyway, thank you all for your sweet concern.. we will continue for now! Now, on with yesterday's vlog. Hope you enjoy! 

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day. ♥

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