Friday Letters

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello everyone! I am here with this weeks Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, thank you for always listening to my prayers, guiding me in your direction and keeping my hopes up on the hardest days. 

Dear Mom, its so fun having you here! Can't wait for Laci to get here. 

Dear Scott, Thank you for always being there for me. I still think running away is a great answer. But as you said.. this is our life and there is nothing to be ashamed of. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

Dear Hilary Clinton, We are going to get you into the White House but it's up to you to get shit get in there and take charge. 

Dear Brittany, You were so cute on the phone the other night. You are my hope and the future. You have a plan that you must stick can do it! 

Dear Trina, We wish you were HERE! Thanks for talking to me yesterday. I just needed to vent and knew you would totally understand the situation. 

Dear Flight 370, If you guys are on the other side then you need to help guide the world where to find you. Its crazy that we have not found you. Your families really need the answers. 

Dear Don Lemon, You are seriously my favorite anchor. I wish we could just keep you on the air 24/7. 

Dear Tori Spelling, You need to kick his ass out and not look back. He doesn't care about your marriage if he can't keep his dong in his pants. 

Dear Cooper, You know I have never been a dog person but how can anyone think you are not the cutest dog on the planet.

Dear Laura, Your news knocked me out of my socks! I will call soon so we can talk all about it. I swear... you are such a sweetheart....can't wait to see you! 

Dear Jackson, We stuck up for you today but you have to remember what you say, can and will always be used against you. Take it from doesn't go away so you have to be careful what you say and be ready for the consequences. Sometimes its worth it but most of the time....its not. 

Dear Laci, Please Please Please take your time and drive slow. We don't want anything happening to you! Can't wait to see you.

Dear Blog and Youtube Friends, You know how to tell when someone else is miserable with their own life? When they look for ways to destroy someone else's life. I am sorry about all the bullshit going on but we are on to happier days! Stay tuned... its going to be a lot of fun! 

Happy Friday! 

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