Friday Letters!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear God, You saved me from dying in a horrible accident here lately. My recovery might be slow but you are starting to heal me, and my faith grows on. Thank you for this life even on the hardest of days. I still get to see my kids, listen to Jackson giggle, enjoy the rain, hold my husbands hand, have long conversations with my mom, and so many other things. Maybe I appreciate life a little more now. ♥

Dear Spring, I am so very very thankful you have finally showed up. The trees are filling in, bunnies are hoping around, and its warm. Its been perfect days to air out the house.. its lovely.

Dear Jackson, I know you are so happy being on spring break. Its fun having you home all day with me. :)  However, stop complaining about helping out. Your old enough to do a few things around here now and it would be so much easier if you just did your few chores without complaining and just get it done and over with. 

Dear Romeo, why it is that EVERYONE gravitates towards you. Your seriously the coolest cat ever. I think you just look so cute and cuddly which is why your feet don't often hit the floor. 

Dear Missing Flight 370, I think they are very very close to finding your final resting place. I wish we all knew what happened. No one has forgot you and I am sure your families will get the answers they so badly need really soon. RIP

Dear Scott, I know not everyone understands us. At times I feel pressured to explain us, our life, our home, our relationship but the truth is... we work because of our love for each other. Who cares that we sleep in separate rooms? It sure doesn't stop us from nights of cuddling. There are so many things people don't understand about our love but too bad for them. Sorry you had a hard week in regards to the Dr. Your strong and I know you will be just fine. I love you very much... sorry if I was grumpy yesterday. I'm pretty sure you understand why though. :) Come home... we miss you. 

Dear Dad, I think of you everyday. I know you are looking down at times and wondering what the hell I am doing. I know I can't run every idea or bad decision by you anymore but I have a wonderful mom, sister, and friends who I go to now. However, everything you told me over the years is rooted so deep in my soul that you go everywhere I go. You will forever live in my heart and memories. I miss you so much and I wish more than anything that I could just see you again but I can wait. I gotta watch the kids grow up first. 

Dear Brittany Belle,  You are growing up so fast. I miss you dearly and can't wait to see you. You make me so proud. Keep your goals in mind everyday and stay on course. You will be in college before you know it. And in 3 years or so...if your doing good, you might just have a cute little red bug as your first car. I love you baby. 

Dear Mom, Its so exciting that in just a matter of days, you and Don will be on your way. Who would have guessed that we would all be getting together this month!? Can't wait to see you. I love you. 

Dear Shanna, Your exactly what a best friend should be. Honest, Loyal, Thoughtful, and Kind. I would be lost without you and our long conversations. I wish we lived closer to each other because I think the kids would have such a good time together. Kiss that pretty little girl of yours for me. 

Dear Trina, We miss you too. I think it would be great if you guys got your house packed up and head down here for a new change.. a new life where you could come closer. You know we are not moving back up there so you have to be the one to come here!!! Just start packing and get down here. 

Dear Vicki, Its so fun when new babies are coming into our family. I am glad you are doing so good. :) Can't wait to meet that little guy. 

Dear Jordan, You are really missed. I am not so sure why you are mad. I never just left. I did fight but was young and didn't have any experience at the time. I have been waiting so long for you. I thought for sure that once you were online, you would contact me yourself. I guess you did, but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. You can love more than one person at a time. And we don't have to talk about the mean stuff....we can just start from here.. right now. I know you have thought of me just as much as I have thought about you. I love you. 

Dear Laci, I love talking to you. You amaze me all the time. I am so happy you are coming up next week. We should have a great time! I was worried about you, but as time moves on... I think know that you will be just fine. I love you. 

Dear Laura, Your another one of the kids we worry about but you are growing up and doing really good. I can't wait to see you walk across that stage and get your diploma. I know I am just your silly step mom but I am so proud you. I really am. Kiss the girls for me! 

Dear Jack Robinson, Funerals are always so heartbreaking. And yours was just as sad but it was amazing at the same time. I love what your family did to honor you and I hope you were looking down watching it all. Rest in Peace little guy. 

Dear Bloggy/ Youtuber Friends, You guys are seriously the best virtual friends a girl could ask for. I was upset for sometime over the haters but now I don't care as much. I guess there will always be someone there judging, making up lies, and talking crap but they don't matter. What does matter is the relationships I have formed with you guys for years on end. I am so very grateful for every email, comment, and time you take out of your lives to spend with us. I feel blessed to know you guys. Thank you so much. 

Happy Friday! 

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