Weekend in Review Feb 28 - March 2, 2014 w/ Videos & Vlogs

Monday, March 3, 2014
Happy Monday Friends! I hope you are having a good start to the fresh week. I am still doing my best to wake up and get myself together. Monday's I do start a little slower sometimes and it looks like today is no different. I have to totally admit that I am /otally spoiled being a stay at home wife and mother. I love getting to make up 99% of my own schedule. I also know being in my work environment 24/7 means being busy and never really turning off the job mode until I fall in bed. I seriously strive for balance and starting later sometimes levels everything out! 


Friday didn't start out very well for me. Husby and I had some problems on Thursday late night over his old friend and it pretty much carried over into Friday. Most of Friday we bickered back and forth in text messages and then we both finally calmed down and husby suggested dinner. So Jackson and I talked about what sounded good....and Japanese won!


We had a lovely time together and I think it was exactly what we needed. It was interactive, fun, and delicious! We ate and ate while Jackson watched the chef ding and dong with this tools and Jackson even caught some rice with his mouth! Ha! We were out till almost 10:30 because dinner took so long. We all came home with full bellies and crashed out! 


Since I went to bed Friday so early, Saturday I woke up at 7:30am. Husby was shocked to see me up and I was kinda shocked too. I ended up cuddling in the bed with little Jackson. We both dozed in and out until late morning. I had a lot to do on my list but I just put it down and decided to do what I wanted. The weather was starting to warm up so I played with super Cooper outside for a while and then got in the car and took off to see husby. My sister in law and myself had a long talk.. we normally talk on Saturday's just catching up with our weeks. Somehow we got a conversation going about how I hate to wear the seatbelt in the car. I just don't. Well she was oh so kind to remind me that its not just my life effected. It would be Brittany & Jackson who would loose their mother. That sure weighed on my mind when I got in the car. I buckled up and took off to see husby at work. He was pretty proud that I wore my seat belt too! Scott was pretty busy and I didn't hang out very long. Instead, I came home and worked around here. I got all my makeup taken out of my room and put back in the bathroom. The lighting is so much better in there so I moved it! I ended the night late with husby. I stayed busy until the time I finally went upstairs. There is something so peaceful and charming about our kitchen late at night. It never looks as nice or as clean during the day!


We started off our Sunday as we typically do. We all slept in until our bodies felt better and then enjoyed both .. Joel Osteen and CNN for the first few hours of our day.  I swear.. we are going to go to war and blow Russia off the map. I shouldn't get started...I know most of you don't follow politics as I do but personally, I think Putin needs to go join Hitler in hell...but that's just me! :) After getting our CNN fill, I got cleaned up and headed out to the grocery to get the weekly food items we needed. Let me just say...the weather was STUNNING! I had my sunroof open enjoying every minute of it. Its not as warm today so I guess it was just teasing us all here! I made a quick dinner, froze some juice cubes and watched the Oscars. I loved watching the fashion and such but it dragged on forever. I finally got a bath and had a lovely water massage thanks to the lovely jets in the bath. Gosh.. I love that bathtub and fill it up every night. Its one of the best parts of my night. 

This weekend was not that exciting but we had a lovely time together. I wish Scott was off on Saturday's but with him running a dealership, that will never happen. But we had some lovely family time together which refreshed me to be able to go into this week feeling much better! 

Weekend Videos:

If you are a cat lover as I am... you HAVE to make this kitty cakes. They are the cutest ever and I bet your cats will love them. I do have some finicky kitties and 2 of them turned their nose up to the cake but they sure grabbed their shrimp! 

Saturday I skipped my smoothie and uploaded the TMI Tag! My best friend said I looked bitchy in this video but I really wasn't!  I thought this tag would be another fun way to get to know each other more! 

Sunday I went on my typical shopping trip which wasn't that big this week. I swear, we have saved so much money by simply shopping week to week. No more monthly or biweekly shopping for us. I just get what we need and a lot of times, we move meals from one week to the next because things come up and change.

Weekend Vlogs:

Chopsticks & Sake..

Crash Dummy

Jettin' Around

  • Try to get the majority of this weeks videos filmed on Monday & Tuesday. 
  • Still so much to figure out about Jackson's new insurance....need to figure it out still.
  • Get all the cats bathed and groomed up... if its warm enough. 
  • Spend 1 hour this week in the office cleaning it up. 
  • Trim up indoor Herbs
  • Clean out purse..I would be ashamed if anyone looked in there right now! 
  • Work on getting Oscar Speeches on Glam TV Youtube Channel. 
  • Pick up package from post office. 
  • Move desk to the living room. 
  • Work on Ad and Sponsor page on the blog.. and get up corresponding  blog posts explaining  the new changes. 
  • Bake big batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Good job on wearing your seat belt. :) When I was little I would cry to my grandparents for not doing it, and I guess I guilted them into it!


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