Wednesday Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! Time for another Wednesday Hodgepodge.. hope you enjoy! 

1. March is known as the windy month. Which of the following phrases best fits your March so far...'throw caution to the wind', 'three sheets to the wind', 'run like the wind', or 'see which way the wind blows'?

all you need is ❤ ☮ ♪Defentily see which way the wind blows. Things are always changing around here which I am not so crazy about but its just life. And actually it has been very windy here in the South Carolina. yea.. still having the crazy ass weather. 
2. Your favorite green food? Your favorite dish made with your favorite green food?

I looooove fried green tomatoes!

3. Ever been locked out of your home-car-office-anywhere? Do tell!

I have pretty much been locked out of all the places you listed. I think the last time I got locked out of the house was a couple of years ago in another house. Scott was gone and I had to take one of the neighbors deck chairs.. put it up to the window.. And then I got it open and basically had to kinda jump up. It was summer.. I was in shorts and it tore my legs up. I had these giant bruises but I got into the house! :)

4. Yoda, Kermit, Shrek, The Wicked Witch of the West, Oscar the Grouch, The Grinch, or Mike Wasowski (Monsters Inc.)...of the green characters listed, which one's your favorite and why?

Who doesn't love this big guy....he's so sweet! 

:) | via Tumblr

and many days.. I feel the same as he does above. 

5. "The first task of a leader is to keep hope alive."~Joe Batten Do you agree? Why or why not? 

That's hard for me. That really depends on the situation.  Honestly I am not a very hopeful person but I have to admit, having hope has to be better than not having any at all. I mean look at all the people lost with that missing plane, they need the hope to hold on to along with all the victims of the huge mud slide. But there does come a point for a lot of people when all hope is lost. I personally think the first task of a leader is honesty with respect. 

6. Share a favorite song with an emotion in it's title.

I really can't think of one.. I am just going ______....but right now this is one of my favorite songs. Its so beautiful that it would be a shame to land on this blog post and not listen to this song.. enjoy! 

7. What's a road trip you'd like to take?

You know what? I would grab my passport and leave for Europe and probably never come back but I would still blog! :) 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have been a busy bee around here. I have reorganized many of the closets and I am doing it little by little. Like maybe 1 or 2 closets per day and its starting to pay off! I love having things organized! It keeps my head clear and that helps everything. Happy Wednesday! 

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8 comments on "Wednesday Hodgepodge!"
  1. Hello :) I have enjoyed your videos lately, thank you for sharing. I wish I was brave enough for vlogging, but I have a blog. From Helen in Norway.

  2. I have never had fried green tomatoes, but they are definitely on my to try list.

  3. I need to reorganize our closets, too, and donate some stuff to Good Will. Maybe if this crazy weather ever warms up, I will! I could eat my weight in fried green GOOD!

  4. I have never ever eaten fried green tomatoes. They're not something regularly found on menus up here, but I'd sure like to try them. I'm with you on the Europe wish. Nice to meet you here on Hodgepodge.

  5. LOVE that song....thanks for sharing it!!!

  6. That is a great song and i'm glad you posted it this morning! I've never vlogged before. What a show of courage that is. I'm stopping by from the Hodgepodge link.

  7. I love visiting Europe however I saw a lot of my home country before I went.

  8. I love John Legend. I think he's so underrated, he is mega talented and has such a beautiful voice! I love fried green tomatoes too. They are hard to come by in NJ : )


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