Saturday Rambles & To Do's

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Happy Saturday Friends! I hope you all are just as happy about the weekend and I am! I thought I would share my thoughts and weekend to do list.. hope you enjoy!

I slept in today pretty good. I stayed up too late last night and prayed that I wouldn't wake up at the crack of dawn. You know how those days go... and it sucks to walk around and be a zombie.

Jackson told me as soon as I crawled out of bed that the internet was down. Idk...but that shit better start working right before I throw a fit to the internet people. Soooo frustrating.. but we got it back online in just a couple of minutes.

Our weather right now is super nice. Its 65 degrees out right now!! I have the screen door open and loving the fresh air. I probably need to set up a laundry line soon!

I changed the size of the font on this bloggy blog of mine. I do know that the number one complaint for a lot of blog is the text is too small. I however thought mine was just a little too large so I switched it. Let me know if you have trouble reading it and I will switch it back.

Scott stole all the hot water from me last night. He had a total of 4 showers and when I finally want to soak in a 1am hot bath, guess what!? Yep.. NO HOT WATER. I got super pissed and just had to wait for it to warm back up. It wasn't as relaxing as it should have been but I am thankful I was able to take a bath before bed..even if it was super late. I can't imagine climbing into clean sheets without a shower or bath before. That just grosses me out.

I keep thinking about having a very light schedule this summer with the kids and it sure doesn't make me happy for them not to be here. I guess Zane is coming for a few weeks at some point but Brittany and Jackson will be with my ex husband. Its the kids choices this year and we as parents, are just following along with their wants. Brittany wants to go to cheer leading camp and Jackson wants to see his dad. It does make my heart break though. What are we going to do for a summer with no kids?

By the grace of God, I paid our $700 power bill last night. It felt like my fingers were breaking one by one typing them in to pay. I kept trying to think of a way I didn't have to pay it but sadly there was no way around it. I am thankful we were able to pay it. But lets hope winter is gone and we won't have to pay big money to heat the house.

Jackson just came downstairs and showed me this HUGE bruise on his arm and said.. " See What You Did Mom? " I am sure my eyes got huge and then he giggled and said, he got hit with a basketball during gym class. My heart about dropped when I saw that bruise. I swear I am going to go crazy raising a little boy who loves to prank and scare his mom!

I really need to figure out a way to organize emails. I have so many and they all go to my one main email so its very full and I am always trying to sort through it but its so overwhelming. I am going to try to answer as many as I can over the weekend so if you are waiting on a reply hopefully you will have it soon!

I watched the Diana movie with Namoi Watts last night.. I wasn't expecting it to be great but it was better than I thought I thought it would be. It goes back 2 years before she died and showed her life which was pretty much spinning out of control. You know the ending.

I still need to bathe and groom the cats. Am I doing that today?? Hell No. Its hard on cats to warm up after a bath even on a summer day. I think they will be ok a little longer until we have a very sunny warm day.

  I need to sit down and really plan next week out. I feel better knowing I have a little guide to follow otherwise I get scattered brained and don't accomplish near as much. I just showed how I keep my blog and youtube channels organized with my Erin Condren Life Planner. Gosh.....planners just make me happy!

    I don't think its a secret that I am not a huge decorator. I do have a goal to get all the stuff hung up on the walls this month. We are coming up on 1 year in this house. While I would love to move to another house that is more private, I just don't see that happening anytime soon. Shit.. I haven't even finished unpacking.

I seriously need a new phone. I can barely hear which isn't that bad because I don't like talking on it much anyway but its starting to get annoying. I just don't think I am making the switch to apple yet. Everything in my life is on a PC and the switch might just be too much of a shock. But time to find a new phone.

  • By 3pm be at the grocery doing our weekly shopping. I figured I would do it today so I can stay home tomorrow. Plus we are running low on coffee and I can't have that! And I have to film the haul when I get home.
  • I will probably run by the dollar store too. 
  • Clean out the frig. I will probably do that when all the new items are waiting to be put away but I am cleaning it out. 
  • Finish Chalkboard Wall
  • Scoop Cat Boxes....YUCK!
  • Work on Ad Space page in the Evening. I have been needing to do this for a while. 
  • Toss Laundry around to keep caught up.
  • Work on spring cleaning notes for a upcoming video
  • Pick up house as much as possible

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1 comment on "Saturday Rambles & To Do's"
  1. Kisha:

    I love your writings and video's. I know how hard it will be this summer for you with no kids. I was hoping you could tell us how to organize emails :). I have two accounts one for personal and one for all the subscriptions/groups/spam etc. It is ridiculous.

    I ordered an Erin Condren planner also so I can write down stuff pertaining to my daughter's medical issues which currently I use a monthly calendar and then a daily planner so this will consolidate. It is on its way but Fed Ex is taking longer than I would like :) I am not a patient person.

    I loved your homemade cleaner recipes and I will be making them.

    I need a new phone also. I am an apple girl and I love the iPhone but my daughter is an android user (I didn't like it). I almost bought one but decided I would just use it for phone/text/email's and use my iPad for the app's or my lap top which is a Mac also.



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