My Go To Breakfast: VIDEO

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello friends! I thought today I would share with you my Go-To Breakfast. Its never easy for me to eat when I get up. I am working hard towards keeping a better schedule when it comes to my meals to avoid sugar high and lows, along with avoiding terrible headaches from not eating in a timely matter which happens more times than not. So if your interested in my morning breakfast, enjoy the video below. And don't forget the recipe and more information is below! 

                                                                                                                                Broiled grapefruit is so delicious. I know it might sound a little strange but its soooo yummy! It super easy to make and you can easily top it with some fresh bananas or even yogurt. And if brown sugar doesn't suit you honey works too! I still like it cold sometimes but here lately this is what I have been enjoying everyday for breakfast. Its so fast to make and basically I put the grapefruit in the oven under the broiler and then make toast. About the same time and the toast pops up, the grapefruit is golden brown and bubbly. I just let it sit for a minute or two before eating it. This seems to give me just the right amount of fuel to get me through till I normally have a late afternoon lunch. Let me know if you have tried broiling your grapefruit or for that matter, send in any grapefruit ideas you have and maybe I will get a new favorite! Oh and I skipped the cinnamon just because it tends to be too strong for me but my family sure loves a little sprinkled on the grapefruit before it goes in the oven. Give it a try.. I am sure if you like grapefruit you will LOVE this recipe! 

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3 comments on "My Go To Breakfast: VIDEO"
  1. mmm this looks delish!

  2. I love grapefruit, this looks yum! I don't think I would have ever thought of broiling it.

  3. I have never thought to broil grapefruit! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday! I'll be featuring you at this weekend's party!


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