Friday Letters

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hello friends. I hope you are having a lovely Friday.I am here with another post in the Friday Letters series where I share my little letters to everyone. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, I hope you don't mind but these are the things I am NOT giving up for lent.
  • TV: Nope..Admit it.. you like CNN too.I can't go a day without hearing my friends on the news tell me how fast our world is coming apart yet I am sucked right in. 
  • Coffee: It wouldn't be a pretty sight for me or anyone around me if I didn't have at least 2 large cups in the morning. 
  • Sweets: Yea.. just can't won't. 
  • Wine: You know there are nights when wine is so needed. You had your son turn water to wine so I am pretty sure you understand the need for a good glass! 
  • Social Media: Yea.. gotta keep that around. What would I do without being able to share my every thought with friends & family. 
  • Smoking...Yes I know I need to give this one up but not quiet yet. I am getting there though. 
  • Gossip Sites: I spend hours on end on the daily mail and I just don't want to give that up either. 
  • Meat.. Why would you want us to give up meat to be closer to you? I was raised Catholic and still don't understand that one. You made me a meat and potato girl...sorry. 
  • Movies: What else should a stay at home wife and mom do when some free time comes around? Watch a movie!! I know the cable people love me...I'm just waiting on my thank you note. 
  • Cursing: You know that's impossible....again, you made me this way! 
  • Kitty Cats: You know I couldn't give up my furry babies for anything! You also made them so I know you will understand. 
Actually God, I am not giving up anything this year for lent. Instead, I am going to keep praying and believing in the white light of the holy spirit. I know deep down those details don't really matter to you. Thank you for another week. 

Dear Scott, You really get on my nerves sometimes. Last night was a good example of you pushing things to far. At 2:30 in the morning I don't want to hang out. Your ass should have been in bed and I don't want to hear anything about you being tired today. 

Dear Mom, I love you and I love Sammy but lets not jump the gun. 

Dear Jackson, Your butt is going to get into trouble if you don't start making better decisions. Remember our conversation and have a great day. 

Dear Shanna, Sorry the last couple of days were not exactly how you planned, but better times are fast approaching! Love you.

Dear Liz Wahl, You made me proud. And don't'll find another place to work.

Dear Laci, I need to call and check on you.. hope all is well. I love you!

Dear Jordan, I talked to your dad on FB the other day. I hope you know we both love you. We both want you happy and healthy. In order for that to happen, you need both in different ways. Things change..people change and I hope one day you will get just a little more courage and come back. We handle any problem together...we are one in the same. Don't ever forget that.

Dear Romeo, You are the only cat on the planet that I have searched for a crown for. We are going to find the right one for your precious little head and get some pictures made! You make my heart melt.. no wonder everyone just wants to hold and kiss you all the time!

Dear Laundry, believe it or not.. you are caught up! Woooo-hoooo however, it won't lasts.

Dear Brittany, I love and miss you so much. You better learn how to pick up that phone more!

Dear Trina, I read your fb status and now worried about you. Get to the Dr. and figure out what is going on with you...because we love you!

Dear Outside Cats, I am so sorry for the neighbors just putting you out and forgetting you. I don't know what makes people do such things but I love you and I will continue to feed you as long as I am here.

Dear Spring, Don't you want to come back? It seems to me you keep hiding. I think everyone in the US is waiting on warmer days, flowers blooming, and NO COLD WEATHER! We are waiting on you so hurry up!

Dear Dad, I miss you. You know I do. It might be crazy sitting out a hot cup of coffee for you.... in your memory if you will. But it makes me feel better knowing that you are here with me. Come see me in my dreams and be sure to tell everyone up there with you how much I miss them too.

Dear Youtube/Bloggy Friends, You guys are the best readers a girl could ask for. I am always so happy to read your comments, to get to know and your blogs, and you give me so much inspiration everyday. Thank you.

Have a great Friday! 

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2 comments on "Friday Letters"
  1. Your welcome Kisha I really enjoy your Friday Letters Posts :)

  2. This is one of my favorites .... your Friday letters. I would love to do something just like this myself. I am giving up for Lent sugar.... so far it is going okay. I am also trying to give up procrastination and spending money on non-necessities.



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