Why We Work - Valentines 2014 -

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We work because I am more the easy going one and he is the hyper and fast talking. When I don't want to deal with the nosey neighbors... I send him.

We work because he loves my mom. I won't say that she isn't a pain in the ass sometimes but I don't think I could ever be with someone who doesn't love and get along with her. Shes a huge driving force in my life.

We work because I stay home in my comfort zone and he works in his comfort zone. We have made it work like this for almost 10 years.

We work because he puts up with me always filling up our time over the holidays. The travels are endless and he just packs up the car and gets us to where we are going. Even when it takes 16 hours.

We work because he is the one who handles the car issues. I don't even want to put gas in the car and thankfully I don't have to do most of the time... because of him.

We work because somehow someway I hitched my wagon to a full fledged Republican. God knows that's the last thing I ever expected to happen but somehow we balance each other out. But I don't like to admit in public who he supports! :)

We work because he doesn't make me watch a bizallion sports shows. Just a little basketball and a little golf. I can handle that.

We work because I don't sort the socks.. and he don't mind. Instead he finds all his socks on his own by fishing them out of the sock basket. I seriously have better things to do than sort socks. No thanks. And he's pretty understanding about it.

 We work because I understand he has a thing about taking showers and takes 3-4 a day...which runs our water bill up which I don't mind in exchange for him not minding that I like a warmer house most of the time. He still bitches that its always hot though!

We work because he loves movies as much as I do. We are always finding a new movie to watch together. We love cozy nights in.
We work because he has been very understanding about my dream to have a cattery. For 5 years now we have bred and raised Persian Kitty Cats and he has went right along with it. I know it would never work with anyone who didn't love cats. It would just be over before it ever started.

We work because even though he's not a huge fan of pasta, he eats it often because I love it.

We work because he lets me wear his pjs anytime I want.

We work because he knows I am a nosey bitch. If you are in my house I know what's going on with you.

We work because even though we are in our 40's we sleep in different rooms. Yep, you read that right. Husby snores and we have totally different sleep habits. Sleeping in different rooms allows us to sleep like babies and wake up happy.

We work because most of the decisions made, we talk about. Most.. not all.

 We work because he is the romantic one out of both of us. Somehow that works for us.

We work because husby is so understanding about my blogging and making videos. Every day there is a camera in his face and he just accepts it and moves on. Actually he likes it.. hes done his own videos on my channel before! 

We work because after almost 10 years we have blended our families together and have stayed loving each other even through the hard times. We work because we both try to remember why we fell in love in the first place and never falling out of love with each other at the same time. When one of us has been upset or want out, the other has fought hard for our relationship. We have never wanted out at the same time. We work because we are each others best friends. We know where each other stands on basically everything. There are no surprises. We support each other and we work mainly because we both are passionate about our family and want to leave a legacy of love and kindness behind for our kids and grandchildren.

For the longest time we both were so shocked at how opposite we are. We didn't know how we even landed in the same room let alone the same bed. I never thought I would remarry after a hard divorce but a tall handsome man swept me off my feet and the rest has been history!

Link up why you and your special someone work!

Happy Valentines, 2014

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