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Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome back to Monday friends. I am not so sure I am happy about today but I am trying to wake up and get to it. Thankfully since I have to go out later, its the warmest day of the week topping off at 64. We are suppose to have another round of cold weather which totally sucks. I am not even convinced summer is coming back around! I stayed up later than I should have last night making the start today a little bit slower. I have been trying to switch to tea in the mornings instead of coffee but I am failing miserably. There was no way I was skipping the coffee this morning. No way in hell. :)

Here's my weekend in Review.. hope you enjoy!


I don't know why it is so hard for me to sleep. Its hard to fall asleep and its hard to stay asleep. Friday morning I dozed off all throughout the morning. I got busy eventually a worked on a very detailed to do list for the weekend, cleaned up the house, filmed some videos. Scott came home which made us all very happy including Super Cooper. Its crazy how much that dog loves him. made some yummy chicken and dumplings. However, I ended up loosing my wedding ring when things went flying in the kitchen which made it impossible to enjoy the night. I couldn't sit still not knowing where the ring was. A can of biscuits kinda exploded and hit the cutting board ( where my rings were ) sending them flying across the room I found 2 of them... but my band was just gone. Guess what, it landed in the garbage which I eventually found. I bet that couldn't be done again if I actually tried. I eventually made it to bed where I continued to knit my first ever scarf. Let me just say... I totally have the knit stitch down! The next scarf I make will be with another stitch which really helps me learn it well since I have to do it over and over. Oh, I also worked on this upcoming weeks chalkboard design/notes. It so fun having a large chalkboard wall. I totally love it and plan on doing a little bit more later with chalkboard paint.


Like I said, I have been trying to make the switch from coffee to tea in the morning. That didn't work out so well because I drank half the glass, dumped it out and replaced it with my beloved coffee. Its just not the same but I am not giving up. I will keep trying little by little and see what happens. Saturday husby was at work and Jackson and I took it upon ourselves to go do a little grocery shopping. I put on my favorite weekend clothes and took off to GameStop and then did some quick shopping at the Dollar Tree. Once we got back home, I recorded a food haul and waited on husby to get home. I am pretty sure on nights when husby is late coming home, Jackson misses him as much as I do! We all settled in and enjoyed the evening together. I decided to finally use some of my Lush products and dropped a bath bomb my large tub. I love Lush but damn.. it leave the tub so messy once I get out. I think little Cupcake enjoyed the smell because she came right in and parked it on the bath matt and didn't move! I finished the night relaxing in bed with my knitting needles in hand! 


I woke up Sunday to houseful of lazy boys. Neither Scott or Jackson were ready to do anything. They both were just laying around so I thought it would be a good time to incorporate some more Joel Osteen in our lives. I put it on and it must have done the trick. Once it was over, the boys were ready to get cleaned up and go to the movies. I went ahead and made Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies for all of us. As you can see, Romeo didn't quiet understand Then once the boys took off I took a few minutes to film in front of my new chalkboard wall! I am so in love with it. Then I got hungry so I thought it was a wonderful time to test out a new kind of pizza. Stay tuned for that upcoming review! Everyday, I look at that picture of my grandfather and brother. Sunday night was no acception. I just stood there looking at it wondering if they both are looking down on me. I keep the picture in the kitchen because that's where I am all the time. I want to see them like they are still here with us and even though its just a picture, it makes me feel like they are here. While I was in the kitchen thinking about them, I also got busy thinking about dinner. Instead of making a huge Sunday meal, I went with breakfast instead. The boys sure liked it and so did I. :)  So did any of you realize that Downton Abbey last night was the season finale??????????????? I sure the hell didn't realize it was over again. That show is so good and I am totally addicted! I can't believe its over until next year but whatever.. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I also climbed into bed and turned on another movie. This time it was Barefoot which was surprisingly good! I finally fell asleep later than I should have! It takes forever for me to get comfortable but finally I was able to drift off the world of dreams. 

Weekend Videos:

Weekend Vlogs

To Do's for this week:

  • Get my butt up and get grocery shopping done today or tomorrow. Funny how I keep putting it off!
  • Find Jackson a new Dentist
  • Film and edit next weeks youtube videos
  • Work on finding out why my slider won't work right if I have my youtube widget on the blog.
  • Spend 2 hours in the office...* cough.. storage room to try to tidy it up some. 
  • Make Romeo's birthday cake. Yep.. I am totally making him a special kitty cake!

Have a great week! 

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