So What Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! . I am linking up with Shannon from over at Life after I "Dew". for So What Wednesday. Perfect for starting the new year! 

So What

  • We are snowed in AGAIN. I seriously don't understand this weather. Living in South Carolina, this snow storm is like a freak of nature. By tonight we are suppose to get an additional 7-10 inches of snow. We already have a bunch on the ground as it is. 
  • Husby is home today.. as is Jackson so we are all driving each other nuts. 
  • All the kitty cats need to be bathed and groomed. I hate doing it in the winter because it takes them forever to warm up but I think I am just going to have to turn the heat up and get it done. 
  • The fireplace is so beautiful and cozy but its a lot of work. I think if we lose power we would all have to sleep in the living room to stay warm. 
  • I don't think I am going to video anything today except the vlog. HOWEVER.. I did publish my HOMEMADE SOMAS GIRL SCOUT COOKIE RECIPE.. and its divine! Try them.. I am sure you will fall in love with how good they taste! 
  • I have drank so much hot tea today that I have peed a bizallion times. It helps keep me warm when its so cold! 
  • I am starting to get a headache and just downed 3 advil.. hoping like hell that they work. 
  •  The boys are waiting on dinner and I think they are going to wait a little longer. I do think I am going to make some baked Rigatoni with garlic bread but I can hang out for another 30 minutes first! 
  • I sat around for hours today sending out the last of my holiday cards to my youtube and blog friends. I got so many that it has took forever to send out the replys but I am done.. and totally happy to have that job finished. 
  • The dog has been going crazy with the rest of us. I seriously need to put his ass on the treadmil and wear him out! 
I hope you are staying warm on this cold winter night. 

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