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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Be happy..✨❤️
Happy Saturday Friends! I hope you are having a great afternoon. My butt is still being lazy enjoying this pretty day. Its ok though, I am sure I will make up for it when I do get up and start on all the things I have to do this weekend. So I am kinda thinking outloud.. hope you enjoy!

  • I get so frustrated waiting on movies to save. I seriously think I am going to save up for Sony Vegas Pro to edit with. I am also thinking about the Adobe video editor too. That one is only $20 a month to use BUT its online only. I like having a software that I can work on when I am not online but something has to change because I am so tired of movie maker. 
  • My niece on Scott's side just found out she is having a BOY! Can't wait to meet him. Congratulations Vicki! 
  • I got shitty with a woman on my youtube channel a couple of days ago. You know I love sharing our lives on my channel but I don't take kindly to being bossed around by unknown youtubers. I pretty much told her to F*ck off and then someone called me a bitch for saying what I said. I am glad they figured that out. Leave me a nasty comment, chances are... you will get a response from me that you might not like. 
  • I guess our neighborhood had a big yard sale this morning. Too bad I didn't know about it or I might have dragged myself out of bed to go nose around. However, I am glad its over because cars were blocking our driveway which annoys me to no end. 
  • Rocco moved in with Tasha a couple days ago. He is doing well from what she says. If you want to check out her blog you can click here and she also vlogs which you can also check out right here. Her family seemed so excited over him and I really feel he is going to be very loved. 
  • I must check on Jackson a dozen times a night. I know we have a house all alarmed and locked up.. We have a large dog and to be very honest, husby has a bunch of guns yet, I still worry about my child when he is sleeping. I go into his room to check on him, to see if he is still there and still breathing. Then I realize he is sleeping just fine and everytime I close my eyes and say a little prayer and kiss him goodnight. He is sleeping like a perfect little angel, sleeping so sound.. Someone should really capture that moment in a painting or something because there is nothing more sweet than watching your children sleep. 
  • My bathtub really needs cleaned. Have I mentioned how much I hate that job. Its huge and takes a lot of time to do it right. That's on tomorrow's to do list but you never know.. I might just get a burst of energy and get it done today. :)
  • I have come to believe that life is more about the little moments that capture our hearts more than anything else. I live for all those little moments. 
  • For some reason I keep getting all these freaking nasty porn spam emails. Seriously.. If I wanted to look at porn, I wouldn't need the help of DAILY EMAILS. Shit. I should forward them to the FBI or something because I am sick of it.
  • For whatever reason, my mom, I and I am betting my sister all do this thing where if we are in a bad/dangerous situation we have our phones on so we can listen to the other person getting murdered! Hahaha! It makes mom feel better to listen and know we are safe than to wonder. And when I am talking to her when she is alone when the doorbell rings scares me to death. But we have each others backs even if its from the phone! 
  • So I woke up this morning...afternoon, and saw where a Arizona Bill is trying to be passed to make it legal to refuse gay people service in businesses based on Religious freedom. The freaking bill already passed the House & Senate and waiting on the Governor to sign. Have they lost their freaking minds? Holy shit. It doesn't take a law student or lawyer to know that is discrimination. What bullshit. This is so unconstitutional. You know all of us with young children have NO FREAKING IDEA who they will love. I can't imagine a world where its ok to turn people away for color, sexual orientation, or any other reason. If they are a paying customer, they should be treated well. I am so tired of crap like this. I think one day certain people are going to cross over and realize that God never cared about such details. He is all loving and my heart tells me that its going to be a hard moment in time for all those who treated people poorly in regard to who they chose to love. And let me just say.. if this is what Republicans want to push.. there is no way a Republican President will get in next time. No Way. Here comes Hilary. END OF STORY.
  • Jackson keeps beating all his xbox games and its time to go get another one in a while. Maybe he should get something harder so he doesn't beat them so fast. Those games are super expensive and he goes through them in like 2 days. His response...." I am a serious gamer mom. " .....he's 11 years old.
  • I am seriously sitting here in the middle of the afternoon watching....wait for it... → Ghost ←. Guess I am just in that old movie mode today.
  • I have a bazillion emails to respond to... comments too. I could really use an assistant! 
  • I have been loving my new camera. Its working so good .. I am just scared something will happen where I drop it or something happening to it. I am hard on cameras so I am being extra careful with this one! 
I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I will be back soon with a couple of videos! Stay tuned! 

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