Friday Letters

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear Self, I don't know what is going on but you have got to start feeling better. Find a Dr and find a yoga routine by this time next week. MOVE YOUR ASS.

Dear Scott, Thank you for the camera's. I love you very much and appreciate everything you do for me.. for us. Have a great day at work!

Dear Mom, Sorry about Noah. I know its hard but I promise it will be ok. Get your butt working so you can go on the cruise with us!

Dear Brittany, with each passing day, I miss you. I know we are close but I wish I could give you a big hug right now.

Dear Russia, How you got to host the Olympics this year is beyond me. I love your nasty hotels that our athletes are living in. I couldn't go to Russia right now on a bet. The pictures coming from there are horrific and I really feel sorry for everyone having to deal with that. Its just gross and you shouldn't be able to host anything let alone the Olympics.

Dear Trina, So sorry you have to go out and battle that cold weather in the mornings. I wish I could move my feet and have a garage appear! Just drive safe and be careful because we love you.

Dear Jordan, I hope you are doing ok. Don't you miss talking? You have an entire family who loves and misses you.. not to mention who have been waiting for you to come around for years. I guess we'll just keep waiting until you get the courage. You don't have to be scared because we love you.  You have not been forgotten.

Dear Dylan Farrow, I believe you about Woody Allen. You don't have that much smoke for there not to be a fire. Just know that no matter how much Hollywood celebrates him, God will have more questions for him one day that he won't be able to lie about. You did the right thing in telling the truth and now maybe you can start to heal.

Dear Jackson, I know something is going on. You know I love you with all my heart and I am here to help. Just talk to me and know that your entire family will always be here for you.

Dear Shanna, Sorry your feeling so bad. Wish we were closer so I could bring you some warm chocolate soup. Feel better!

Dear Hair, You just keep growing. I suppose its worth it to make Scott happy but I wouldn't think twice about cutting you off again.

Dear Philip Seymour Hoffman, I can't imagine how your family is feeling right now. I hope you are at peace on the other side but I have to wonder if you really wanted to to die on that bathroom floor. Some of our decisions lead us to unexpected places and I am pretty sure you are figuring that out right now. I am very sorry your addictions got the best of you. I just hope someway, there comes good from your death. RIP.

Dear Laura, I hope you are doing good. Glad to know that you are trying to work things out and be happy. We worry a lot about you and love you very very much!

Dear Carnival Cruise Lines, We are coming back aboard June 12! Woooooooo-hooooooo!!! Totally excited to get on the big boat and have a week of fun! Husby and I need the vacation!

Dear Art, I am shipping the box off today. Keep a look out for it.

Dear Zane, It looks like its just going to be us this summer. I miss you too and hope you are doing ok. I wish we could talk more but I understand that's beyond your control. I just want you to know that it's ok for you to love more than one person at a time. Hope you liked you card!

Dear Neighbors, I wish I could lock all of you up for a week for abandonment. None of you have a problem throwing out your cats like they are garbage. I am going to broke feeding your shivering hungry cats assholes. You shouldn't treat animals like you do.

Dear Dad, I miss you so much. I wish more than anything that I could see you again. So many talks we had, walks we took together, laughs we giggled together and I miss you so much. Come see me in my dreams.

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, I hope you are all staying warm. I know its been really cold for so many of you. Thank you guys for all the inspiration and love. You guys are seriously some of the best friends a girl could have.

Happy Friday!

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