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Monday, January 20, 2014
 Welcome to Monday friends. I am not sure how many of you are actually happy to start a new week but I hope your having a good day! I am not a huge fan of Monday's because I normally do my weekly cleaning the first day of the week and its never fun. But I do like the idea of a fresh clean slate week. I wonder what each day holds and the surprises that lay ahead in the coming days. Also Happy Martin Luther King day to you all. My son is loving that he doesn't have school today and got to sleep in a little later. :) If you are use to my weekend in reviews, you know they are usually long....so grab a cup of coffee and catch up with what went on around here over the weekend!


Friday was a odd day for me. I was really trying to recover from having a full blown panic attack on Thursday afternoon. It was out of the blue and totally horrific. So understandably, it took a little time to move past. All day Friday I was home trying to start the day really easy and not get stressed out in any way. 

Thankfully, Scott got up and took Jackson to school and allowed me to sleep in. It helped and allowed me to start the day very easy. I took the rest of the day to tinker around the house.. snuggle up in warm clothes...drink warm comforting drinks..and enjoyed all the comforts of my home. 

Later in the afternoon I did film a video showing how I organize my small/medium handbags because I just bought a new purse and wanted to get the video done before I made the change. 

Everyone always seems to love seeing what's in my handbag and how I keep it organized. I can't wait to start using my new purse...which I will show you very soon in a upcoming Target Girly Haul! Friday ended pretty early for me. I was exhausted and by 930pm my entire house was shut down. I guess we are just getting old! 

Friday Videos & Vlog:


I woke a little earlier than what I wanted on Saturday. One little boy was out in the back yard area riding his 4-wheeler. It was a Christmas gift and he only rides it on the weekends so it was pretty hard to get upset about it. And another little boy in my house was making plenty of his own noise too. He was in a fierce game which brought its own share of hooting and hollering. So I got my butt out of bed, enjoyed some coffee and made a video. I have been asked so much about the books in this video that I thought I would take a few minutes to go over them in detail. 

Thankfully I was feeling a little more like myself so I decided to go run some errands and do a little shopping.  I took off to the Post Office Box and then went by the Dollar Tree to pick up a few cheap household products.

I came home worked on cleaning up the animal dishes and enjoyed the aroma of a gingerbread candle. It smelled amazing and made the entire 2nd floor smell like a bakery. 

For a late night dinner I made these delicious breakfast puffins. They are called puffins because you use puff pastry to make these so they are so light and fluffy.. sooooo good! And really simple too!

 I didn't stay up really late because I have been so damn tired. But I did take a little time to pratice my knitting. I am taking a beginners online course that is sure to teach me the basics. I am slowly figuring it out. I grew up with a grandmother who crocheted but she didn't knit. So I thought it would be fun to do and maybe I can make a couple Christmas gifts if I get it figured out! If you have any tips, be sure to leave them in the comments below.. I can use all the help I can get!

Saturday Videos & Vlog



morning I shouldn't say it but we all really wanted to sleep in so we skipped out on church Sunday. So I set the DVR to record Joel Osteen and slept in. It works for us to get up and watch our church service from the comforts of our home. Its not ideal but it works when we really just want to stay home. Thankfully this morning husby made the coffee.. Sunday's has always been his day to make it but this morning the coffee was so damn strong. I had to dump 1/2 my cup out and add water.. and it was still very strong so I dialed it back with some heavy cream. It was a lot of work to go through for my first cup but once I got it right... it was yummy and perfect.

Scott decided that even though it wasn't even 45 degrees outside that he was going to go hit some golf balls. I totally thought he was crazy. But he just bought a new club that he has been dying to try out so away he went. I took my time getting a start to the day and finally got my grocery list finished... and out the door I went.

I do our weekly grocery shopping mostly on Sunday's for the upcoming week. It just works best for us for me to go 1 time a week and not over buy and if I make my list out right, I don't forget things. I use to do a huge monthly shopping trip and then still small weekly shopping trips but I found we wasted so much food with that schedule. It just wasn't working for my family so I went back to the weekly.

What I love about the weekly is, if you make your list out the night before.. using the online store ad, you can plan your meals off the sale items. I have been trying hard to shop mostly the sale items to really save as much as possible at the store. I got all the food home....brought it in and filmed a food haul.

I bounced back and forth between video editing and cooking and cleaning.. Its amazing how good I am juggling a bazillion things at once! :)

I winded down my night watching Downton Abbey. Have you been watching it!? Its still as amazing now as it was when I watched season 1. There is so much going on week to week with all the characters from the servants to the family. I love it and can't wait till next Sunday so I can watch it again. We might have to have a chat on youtube about it!
added by http://weheartit.com/diananadrljanskiOnce the show was over I found myself upstiars waiting on the water to heat back up. We use hot water for all of our laundry.. plus husby always stays in the shower until it starts to run cold so I was playing the waiting game. I managed to get a lot of laundry done wiating but them I slipped into the most amazing comforting hot bath. I laid back and just closed my eyes.. shut off my bran and enjoyed the very peaceful moment. I didn't open the laptop to watch youtube videos last night but instead focused on just relaxing and having some quiet time.  I got out of the bath and got Jackson's things ready for school. Then I talked to my best friend who reminded me of the holiday. Perfect huh? I got Jackson's clothes out... lunch made.. and even put him to bed at 9pm and there is no school today! Ha! I guess I am already prepared for tomorrow! 

Sunday's Videos & Vlog 

I hope you all have a wonderful week... I'll be back soon! 

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