Tuesday Night Thoughts

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KWEJK.pl - Najlepszy zbiór obrazków z Internetu!* Its finally snowing here in South Carolina. Which totally sucks because its FREEZING OUTSIDE! I feel sorry for all the stray animals around here.

* I have been maintaining the fire all day long which also sucks because its a lot of work to keep a fire going all day and night non stop. Hoping it helps lower our $500 Electric bill. Yep.. you read it right. $500 big ones for last months bill and the same for this month. We are going to go broke heating this big house up.

* I broke my handheld Cannon Camera today. I have backups so its not life ending but it sure made me one very unhappy girl.

* I totally blew off my schedule yesterday making today much busier for me.

* I have been in a total grump ass mood all day.

* I did however get a lot of good giggles from this video on TMZ!

* I would love love love a glass of wine tonight but husby thinks driving on the bad roads for wine is not such a good idea. Staying in tonight.. and staying sober.

* I husband must think he is a window because he can't stay out of in front of me.. blocking the tv over and over and over... you get the idea.

* Jackson is thrilled tonight because he has no school tomorrow! He is beyond happy and that he doesn't have to get up early.. and I have to admit, its going to be nice sleeping in.

* Our damn cat Penoi won't stop meowing at me. He talks wayyyyy too much and to be very frank....he's getting on my last nerve.

* I lucked out with cooking tonight...after the day I had, the boys eat leftovers. Thankfully they didn't bitch about it.

* There were grounds in the coffee this morning. Total disaster and had to make a new pot. What a mess.

* I think Gluten Free is a bunch of crap. I got educated on Youtube about saying that then the VERY NEXT DAY they had a segment on Rachel Ray saying LESS that 1% of the US is allergic to gluten. Told ya.. its a fad for most.

* My husband threatened me today that if I drove on the icey roads, he would take my kids away. Yea.. thanks dad. Needless to say, I stayed home.

* For some strange reason my best friend worried herself silly that she upset me last night while I slept like a baby with not a thought in my mind. I doubt she could really ever piss me off.

* I was looking online for a new pair of sandals and I found a pair. $695. Guess I either have to do a lot of youtube videos and blogging if I plan on buying them because husby would die if I spent our money on $695 dollar sandals.

* I need a new day...going to go get in a hot bath and try to relax.

Hope you had a better day than I did!

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