Tips & Tricks: Homemade Fire Starters made w/ all Recycled Materials - Video -

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello friends! I am back with a wonderful wintertime Tuesday Tip for anyone with a fireplace.Yes, I know it is not Tuesday.. Damn Youtube messed up yesterday so now its a Wonderful Wednesday Tip! Ha!  We burn a lot of wood in our house and to me, nothing is better than a warm cozy fire on a cold winter night. But getting those fires started is not always so easy. You could always buy fire starters for around $20 a box or you could just make you own with things you have in your home already.. and they are so simple.. The video explains everything.. Pictures and directions are below!

These are super easy to make.....

1. I like to use a long piece of wax paper to work on incase any mess and easy clean up.
2. You will need some carton egg cartons. Make sure to use the cardboard egg cartons and not the plastic otherwise you could some pretty nasty fumes in your house.
3. Dryer Lint. We always have dryer lint in our laundry room. We keep it in a old laundry soap box. But if you don't have any - ask for friends to save you theirs. Same for egg cartons too!:)
4. If you don't have dryer lint and really want to make these you could also use a inexpensive roll of toilet paper.
5. Take candles that are pretty used up. I prefer to scrape the wax out instead of trying to put them in the microwave due to the metal parts on the wick. Scrap them into a old pot and melt on the stove. You could also buy some very cheap candles at the dollar store and still make these without costing a lot.
6. While the candle wax is melting start stuffing each egg hole with a golf ball size ball of the lint or toilet paper.
8. Drizzle the candle wax over the lint allowing it to seep into the egg cartons.
9. Allow the wax to dry and harden ( I sat it outside in the cold and it didn't take long for the wax to harden. )
10. Get your fireplace ready. Be sure you are using a fireplace that you can actually really burn wood in it. Not a electric or a fake fireplace. Take out any old ashes. Put your little pieces of kindling - small wood pieces - on bottom and only stack 3 or so pieces of firewood on top. Leave room for oxygen to flow through the fire.
11. Break off a couple of the lint rounds. I like to use 3 per fire. One on each side and in the middle.
12. Lite the lint rounds - they should last about 15 minutes each - allowing you to get a really hot fire.
13. Sit back and enjoy!

Let me know if you make these. I know they will work great for everyone! Thanks so much for reading/watching as always, and make sure you come back soon!

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