So What Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Happy Wednesday Friends! . I am linking up with Shannon from over at Life after I "Dew". for So What Wednesday. Perfect for starting the new year! 

So What

  • I am sitting here freezing even with the heat blasting. I really wish the US would warm up!!! 
  • Our house is over ran with Persian Cats right now. We just have not been able to let the kittens go...yet. Who knows.. we might just keep them all! 
  • To be very honest, the past few days.. life with husby has been exhausting. He has way to much energy than I do and he has just been getting on my nerves. 10 years in... he's bound to piss me off here and there. Hopefully today will be better. 
  • I need to be up working on a video but instead sitting here watching tv instead. Gotta find my motivation for the rest of the day. Come on energy! 
  • I lost something important to me and have no idea where in the hell it is. Scott even helped me look.. its just gone.. vanished.
  • Jackson has a afternoon Dr. apt and totally happy that he is leaving school early tomorrow. At least we won't have to make the long drive back to our old town to pick up prescriptions anymore. But I have a TON of forms to fill out tonight before we go. Seriously...its like 20 papers to fill out. * Sigh
  • Right now Willow is about to strike that glass door to fight with the cat outside. She screen fights.. fights through glass...will dash out if we happen to open the door to feed the homeless cats to basically smack them off her porch. 

  • Who knew Willow was such a bad ass. She was never that way but last summer she lost her entire litter of kittens and has never been the same. 
  • I have been in a pretty shitty mood for a week now. I am trying my hardest to be nice and upbeat even though I don't always feel it. 
  • I woke up late and didn't get dinner in the crockpot. Thankfully I have steaks thawed out and will just swap nights. I might prep things tonight so I can get up and throw it all in. 
  • I painted my nails a couple of days ago and the day after they were chipped so badly. Why is that?? I use a good base coat.. good polishes... good top coats and can't seem to keep my polish from chipping for 24 hours.  Yea... so not worth it. Guess I should just stick to clear.
  • I hate my neighbors. Right now there is a man hauling some food and water to the woods beside my house to feed his dog that he keeps in a pin. Plus that is the same neighbor who lets their cats run free and breed all over the neighborhood. Real pieces of shit if you ask me. Its freezing here and not fair to any of the outside animals that I feel required to feed. 
  • I really dislike my husbands ex wife. My stepson is such a sweetheart when he is with us during the summers. Hes always hugging and kissing on me.. telling me how much he loves me. Then when he is back with her, I never can talk to him. It pisses me off but I guess its just the way it is. 
  • The firewood guy has went mia so we have been buying very expensive wood from the stores. Love that. Maybe I should start to break down all the wood furniture I want to replace and toss it in there to burn. Bet husby would go furniture shopping then.:)
I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday. I am going to go make a video and I'll be back soon! 

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