Huge Target Girly Haul! - Video -

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello friends! I am back tonight with a really fun HUGE Target Beauty Haul! I have been waiting to get this recorded and so happy its finally done so I can start using it! We don't have a Target close to us so when I go, I normally get a lot! If you want to see the items I picked out... enjoy the video below. Plus more pictures and info below! 

I am so in love with the new bags I got. I picked out a Merona Sachal Bag with matching wallet. I think its a classic piece that I will have for many years to come! Of course, I had to get the wallet too! I also got this new Orla Kiely etc Makeup Organizer only I am not using it for makeup. I thought it would be perfect to hold my daily planners and supplies!

I don't really need any makeup but I did get a few new things and I also stocked up on some very familiar and loved products. I have totally been loving the Loreal Healthy Look Hair Dye in 5CB Chestnut Brown. Its pretty much the perfect shade for me and this is my 4th box. My skin is so dry right now with the heat running all the time so I picked out a Burt's Bees Honey and Grapefruit Hand Cream. I am hoping it helps! The Neutrogena Rain Bath is a total love for all of us around here. So I got another one for my bathtub. I also saw the NYX Lipgloss and a Covergirl Bronzer that I wanted to try. I am awaiting my La Vanilla Healthy Deodorant to come in but I needed something in the meantime so I picked up a Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. Not ideal but its better than nothing. My legs are also super dry so I got an Aveeno Skin Relief 24 hr moisturizing lotion. Again.. hope it helps. I then got 2 brow products. I just decided to try the NYX brow kit along with the Salon Perfect - Perfect Brow Defining Kit. I really think the Salon Perfect set will be super nice. Can't wait to start trying it out! :) I finished up with a Loreal Nail Polish in #136 too dimensional? - and I love it. Its such a pretty color with amazily fine glitter. I have already painted my nails and its a total love! 

I thought this Mossimo was fun and perky.. its made of a thin work out type material.. and super soft! I almost got a few more in other colors but only picked out pink. 

For some strange reason, I decided I wanted some earrings. I guess with my hair growing out... I thought I could maybe get away with a little larger earrings so I picked out 4 pair. Its been a super long time since I bought any so it was time. I think the smallest pair the best! 

The last few things I got were more planer and household items. I wanted a new mechanical pencil for planning so I got a Uniball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil. I also needed more Post It Notes Tabs so I  restocked on those. I couldn't pass up more cute Post It Notes for random notes around the house and in my planners. I love stickers for those same planners so I got 2 sets of rainbow alphabet stickers and 2 sets of black alphabet stickers to use in the future. I am taking online knitting classes and I think I probably bought the wrong yarn. I picked out a fuzzy soft yarn which I don't think is the best to learn with so I got another kind. Hopefully it will work better! I am always in need of batteries for my handheld Cannon Camera. I love the Duracell ReChargeable batteries that last a while. I normally always have a set charging but after months it was time to restock. They just are not holding a charge like they use to. And lastly, I got a new Black & Decker Toaster. Yes, I know this is not very girly but I am the one using it most of the time so it kinda is! Our old toaster would only toast one side of the bread at a time so it was time to get another. This was not the one I had in mind but its the only one I saw that I thought would be ok. It matches! 

So I did do a lot of shopping but going to Target is not something I do a lot, so it's ok! What was the last thing you bought from Target that you LOVE!?

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3 comments on "Huge Target Girly Haul! - Video - "
  1. Everything at Target is to love! LOL I have been wanting to go alone so I can explore their NYX stuff but my husband loves the store too and I cannot escape! Haha :)


  2. The bags are absolutely stunning! You picked up some fab things! I'm stopping by from the Share It Sundays link up :)

    Fiona @

  3. Your bag is too cute!


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