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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Girl Between the Lines Link upHello friends! I am back with another fun Wednesday link up for ya. Today I am joining up with Lauren from The Albrechts Blog and Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange for The Girl Between the Lines linkup. Heres more about it...

So today's topic is:

Gosh picking just one is hard to do. I should say something about forgiveness because God knows I am not easy to deal with everyday. I have a temper, say a lot of things that should never come out of my mouth, and patience is another big one too

BUT.. going even deeper one of the biggest traits I want in someone is for them to be a animal lover. I have ran a cattery for 5 years and it would be impossible for anyone to live with me who does not like kitty cats. And it would also be impossible for me to be with them if they didn't like animals. Lucky for me the man I married is a total animal lover.

For 10 years, he has totally accepted a houseful of long hair Persian cats. He has been there during deliveries, emergencies, stayed up all night before waiting on kittens, and has paid thousands in Vet care for my beautiful babies. He's also dad to our big ass gold retriever Super Cooper who he totally adores.

No matter what point I have been in my life from my teens, to my 20's, through my 30's.. and I am sure through the rest of my life the one constant thing has been... Kitty Cats. I have ALWAYS had a cat in my home and I don't ever expect that to change. Not just my husband, but anyone who wants to come into my home has to be accepting of our furry babies. Its just the way it is.. and to be very frank.. if you don't like cats, you probably should stay away! I was very lucky finding a husband who not only accepts the animals but totally loves and adores them. Blessed.♥

Happy Wednesday! Stay tuned for my 2013 Beauty Favorites - Video - coming up soon and don't forget to check out our daily vlogs! 

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  1. You're luck to have found such an equal animal-lover!! He loves you well :) Thanks for joining us!

  2. Your golden is BEAUTIFUL! Also, soak up being married to an animal lover. I grew up with two goldens (they were my babies) and am now married to a man that would be fine to go through life with NO pets...crazy. haha. Thanks for linking up! :)


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